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Howl - Howl EP
Relapse Records is in my book, one of the best and innovative metal-labels around these days. They know their way around in the underground-scene and often they pick up the best rough diamonds out of the underground. Sometimes they find a stone, that won’t shine!

Howl is one of the newer singings on Relapse Records and this is their first EP released on this album. Howl is a Rhode Island based band out of the US and this is basically a re-release of their self released EP. I understand why Relapse signed this band, because musically it fits their stable pretty good. Hints of Mastodon in their Remission era, a pinch of Kylesa and a dozen of boring, weak sludgy metalcore riffs.
There are some decent ideas in this band and I’m 100% sure, that this band is absolutely skull crushing brutal live on stage, but on this EP it all sounds a bit too much as a band that still is searching for its own identity. Production is good, so the mid-tempo headbang riffs will roll out of your speakers. That isn’t the problem though; it’s the lack of original riffs, which makes this EP a bit boring.
Best song on this EP is ‘And The Gnawing…’, which sounds like High On Fire is playing together with Prong. Fun fact; their guitar/vocalist is Vincent from the Dutch Straight Edge band Driven. So there’s some Dutch pride in this unit!
Howl - Howl EP
54/1001Details Relapse Records
Released on Tuesday Sep 1st, 2009
Sludge / Metal

Writer @RoyBalowski on Thursday Nov 26th, 2009

Tags: #Howl
Tracklisting 01. Oma
02. And The Gnawing...
03. Kings That Steal
Line up Vincent - guitar/vocals
Andrea - guitar
Tim - drums
Rob - bass