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Suffocation - The Close Of A Chapter - Live In Quebec
Suffocation's first full length live album in their long career does not mark the beginning of a new musical era. At least, I can’t imagine why these New York pioneers of death metal would even consider changing their direction, even after 20 years. The only thing that puzzles me a bit is that this is a show from 2005. They were promoting the Souls to Deny album back then. Released under the Relapse label, they were to make one more album before they parted ways with this record company. So why call it the close of a chapter? Why not a show from their last tour for Relapse? Questions, questions. Maybe it has to do with the vibe that particular night.
The show sure has a vibe. It is a raw, unedited show from Quebec city, not even the mistakes are edited out. In 13 chapters you get the best of Suffocation live. It makes it honest and truthful, there is nothing I despise more than fake live recordings. Starting off brutally with 'Infecting The Crypts', the listener is left with barely no space to breath. Basically only interrupted by the announcements by front man Frank Mullen. He is constantly adding fuel to an already fired up audience. Into the pit you are and into the pit you shall remain.  
Soundwise it is surprisingly good for a death metal live album. Instruments are clearly distinguishable as well as the songs. Of course you can debate about the choice of the setlist. But hey, that is represented with strong tracks like ‘Pierced From Within’ and ‘Catatonia’. Anybody who is a fan of this band will have a favourite here. It is not an essential release, but it is a nice add to your collection.
Suffocation - The Close Of A Chapter - Live In Quebec
80/1001Details Relapse Records
Released on Saturday Dec 12th, 2009
Death Metal

Writer @Angel on Wednesday Dec 16th, 2009

Tags: #Suffocation
Tracklisting 01. Infecting The Crypts
02. Thrones Of Blood
03. Surgery Of Implalement
04. Catatonia
05. Liege Of Inveracity
06. Despise The Sun
07. Subconsciously Enslaved
08. Immortally Condemned
09. Effigy Of The Forgotten
10. Tomes Of Acrimony
11. Breeding The Spawn
12. Pierced From Within
13. Funeral Inception
Line up Frank Mullen – vocals
Terrance Hobbs – guitar
Mike Smith – drums
Guy Marchais – guitar
Derek Boyer – bass
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