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Swarm Of The Lotus - When White Becomes Black

This was something I accidentally discovered when one of the staff at our local music store advised me to listen to it. I found it hard to describe then, but it rocked in may different ways. A couple of weeks of intense listening later, I still find it hard to describe. The only accurate description of the music that I could find was the one on the website of their label At A Loss Recordings. So I’ll use that one to prevent a complete inadequate description of something that sounds like it comes straight out of Saddam Hussein’s record collection. Here it is:


"With over-the-top everything and 1000% adrenaline, they batter the listener into sensory overload. An emotional whirlwind, stretching from an absolutely crushing wall of sound, to the most subtle and serene musical soundscapes. Cacophonous yet tender, Claustrophobic yet wide open."


I couldn’t have said it better. One moment this stuff blasts you of your chair, the other it puts you in an ocean of peace. If I have to name styles or bands that are woven through I’d say Mastodon, with doom and a lethal dose of hardcore and a just a hint of The Dillinger Escape Plan. Absolute brilliance, but a bit difficult to listen to for some people I’d say. If you’re used to music like this, you’ll love it. If you’re more into mainstream metal, this goes beyond your imagination and comprehension. Be warned, experts only, hehehe!



1. Cherry Chocolate Salamander

2. Committed To Ash

3. Strength Of Inner Eyes

4. Volatile

5. From Embers

6. Seeing Truth

7. Serpent Within

8. An Ocean Of Fire

9. Episode Infinity

10. Burn Autumn Burn

11. Stained Glass Oubliette



Bob – guitar

John – bass

Jon-John – drums

Pete – guitar, vocals

Swarm Of The Lotus - When White Becomes Black
88/1001Details At A Loss Recordings
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
If I only knew...

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Oct 20th, 2004

Tags: #Swarm Of The Lotus
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