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Swarm Of The Lotus - The Sirens Of Silence
This band was accidentally discovered by me last year when an employee of our local music store advised me to listen to it. A year later now a new record has been released, and we will know it! A sticker on the front saying “for the fans of Mastodon, Isis and Neurosis” should make more people listen to it. But the dude from the metal department here is against stuff like that so he took all the stickers off. I agree, because a band should convince you on it’s own.
And they sure as hell do that. They have the power and the creative writing of Mastodon, the depressing monotonous of Isis and the atmospheric ambience of Neurosis. That’s quite a combination to throw in a blender, but it definitely works.
It creates a very dynamic band which can at on time put you in a coma while the minute after ruthlessly pull you out of it with rhythms only recently known to man. With a two vocal attack from one guitarist and the bassist, one screaming slightly lower than the other, they try to convey subjects that don’t make you very happy, which suits the music extremely well.
The music has a very epic undertone to it, like this will be the stuff that they’ll play when Armageddon is upon us. But at the same time it has something very tender and emotional.
Some tracks are really brutal and fast like “The Great Masquerade”, others are quite experimental, or epically slow. A lack of variation is something that you can certainly not accuse them of. It might just be to noisy and chaotic for some, part of that can be blamed on the raw recording quality, but to me that only helps the music. It creates a bigger impact for the chaos. And in the end, chaos it is.
I’ll leave it at this, because I don’t think that this is a band that needs a more accurate description. I think this is a band that needs more intensive listening. Just don’t listen to it all day long, because I seriously think that it’ll fuck with your emotional being.
Swarm Of The Lotus - The Sirens Of Silence
80/1001Details Abacus Recordings
Released on Tuesday Jul 12th, 2005

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Aug 23rd, 2005

Tags: #Swarm Of The Lotus
Tracklisting 1. Hookworm
2. Call To Abandon
3. The Great Masquerade
4. Yan Huo
5. Jackie G
6. Snowbeast
7. Needles And Knives
8. The Insect Trust Fund
9. Vertigo
10. Judas
11. The House At The Bottom Of The Sea
12. Nightmare Paint
Line up Peter Maturi - guitar, vocals
Christopher Csar - bass, vocals
Cole Crickenberger - guitar
Jon-John Michaud - drums