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The Atlas Moth - A Glorified Piece Of Blue Sky
The Atlas Moth is a postcore/sludge band from Chicago that released its first EP in 2008. This already got them signed to Candlelight Records, on which they released their debut last year, entitled A Glorified Piece Of Blue Sky. A welcome addition to the scene, or something you can skip?
The Atlas Moth resemble artists like Neurosis, Minsk, Burst, Unearthly Trance and Isis to name a few, yet they never sound exactly like one of them. Lengthy songs with huge build ups consisting of goliath riffs, many layers of electronic noise and sounds and a three-vocal attack comprise this record, but although the quality is quite fine I never ever get the feeling it grabs me by the throat to drown me in despair and/or anger, something I find to be a must with this type of music. The production is more than fine and the songs are well written, yet they lack a sort of x-factor (although I hate to use that term) to make it sound really successful.
Even after numerous spins I can’t say I’m drawn into the world of The Atlas Moth. I just don’t feel it, so I would say this is a record you can skip for there are many more interesting band in this genre other than this one. It is clear they have the potential to make this thing succeed, they just have to find the right sounds and songs to get there. Curious about the next effort though.
The Atlas Moth - A Glorified Piece Of Blue Sky
62/1001Details Candlelight Records
Released on Tuesday Oct 6th, 2009
Postcore / Sludge

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Jan 28th, 2010

Tags: #The Atlas Moth
Tracklisting 01. A Night In Venus' Arms... 06:06
02. A Glorified Piece Of Blue-Sky 06:09
03. Grey Wolves 03:53
04. Our Sun, Our Saviour 05:22
05. Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence 06:42
06. One Amongst The Wheat Fields 04:43
07. Jump Room To Orion 06:58
08. ...Leads To A Lifetime On Mercury 10:04
Line up Alex - Bass
Andrew - Synths/Guitar/Vocals
Anthony - Drums
Dave - Guitar/Vocals
Stavros - Guitar/Vocals
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