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The Red Shore - Unconsecrated / Lost Verses
The Red Shore is an Australian based deathcore band that you might known from the sad news they had to overcome in 2007, when they lost their vocalist and a roadie during a fatal car crash which happened on their support tour with All Shall Perish. Before that fatal crash, The Red Shore had recorded the Salving What’s Left EP and after the crash the band continued with bassplayer Jamie Hope on vocals. Which is obviously the man that is screaming his lungs out during the debut album Unconsecrated which was released in 2008. In May 2009, the EP Lost Verses was recorded which contains a compilation of re-recorded material which includes their first EP. This all together was released by Listenable Records for the European market to discover this Australian band.
Brutal, raw and merciless are some of the words that come crashing in my mind during the first couple of minutes of this album. Deathcore in it’s purest form with no concessions whatsoever. This means hyperspeed drumming, breakdowns, pigsqueals, grunts and much more. During the first couple of songs the intensity is constantly rising and The Red Shore is capable of containing this level almost during the entire album. The only exception to this is the instrumental song ‘Nephillim’ which is completely misplaced on the album.
After ‘Nephillim’ there’s one more track on the Unconsecrated album where The Red Shore quickly regain their level of intensity and close this debut album in style. The remaining songs on the album are of lesser quality if you compare them to the material on Unconsecrated. This doesn’t mean they suck completely but during those songs I noticed I got the feeling I’ve heard it all before.
Overall is this a great album in the market of deathcore. Not many people are bold enough to survive an entire hour of this brutal music but those who do should consider checking this band out. Especially since it just got signed by Roadrunner Australia.
The Red Shore - Unconsecrated / Lost Verses
80/1001Details Listenable Records
Released on Thursday Oct 15th, 2009
Deathcore / Metalcore

Writer @Niamen on Tuesday Feb 2nd, 2010

Tags: #The Red Shore
Tracklisting 01. The Garden of Impurity
02. Misery Hymn
03. Deception: Prologue
04. Slain By the Serpent
05. The Architects of Repulsion
06. Your Chariot Awaits
07. Rise and Fall
08. The Forefront of Failure
09. Nephilim
10. Vehemence the Phoenix
11. The Valentines Day Massacre
12. Sink or Swim
13. Flesh Couture
14. Knives and Wolves
15. Pulling Teeth
16. Effigy of Death
17. I Only Smile When You're Bleeding
18. Thy Devourer
19. What Doesn't Kill You...?
Line up Jamie Hope - vocals
Jason Leombruni - guitar
Roman Koester - guitar
Jon Green - bass
Tim Shearman - drums