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Havok - Burn
Havok is a thrash-metal quartet out of Denver, Colorado. This band is a typical example of the new generation of thrash metal bands that is around these days. I personally love the fact that this style of metal is back from the dead, because some of the better new metal bands around are from this new thrash metal generation.

Havok started around in 2004. Finally after many shows and demos, they got signed by Candlelight Records in 2009. This album called Burn is their debut album. It has become a decent and catchy debut album, which is filled with mid 80’s thrash metal. Havok plays the kind of thrash that was played by (old) Testament, Exodus and Nuclear Assault in the 80’s. Especially the vocals of singer David Sanchez sounds exactly like John Connelly of Nuclear Assault. The combination with these raspy vocals and the mid-tempo to fast paced headbanging thrash riffs; make this band into a lethal weapon for destruction.
Although they miss the thrashing energy of bands like Municipal Waste, I consider Havok one of the better new coming thrash bands. There are tons of thrash bands popping up like mushrooms, which get signed because of the hype, that not even get near the thrash riffs this band kicks out! Especially the steamrollin’ mid-tempo thrashing headbang songs are amazing. For instance songs like ‘Identity Theft’ and ‘Ivory Tower’. The best song on the album though, is a fast crossover ripper in the best Suicidal Tendencies and D.R.I. style called ‘Morbid Symmetry’. This song is simply amazing that really kicks in like a sledgehammer and before you know it, you will thrash your own room!
Great debut album, although not all songs are as strong as they should have been. Like to see how this promising band will evolve in the future!
Havok - Burn
78/1001Details Candlelight Records
Released on Sunday Aug 30th, 2009
Thrash Metal

Writer @RoyBalowski on Thursday Feb 11th, 2010

Tags: #Havok
Tracklisting 01. Wrecquiem
02. The Root Of Evil
03. Path To Nowhere
04. Morbid Symmetry
05. Identity Theft
06. The Disease
07. Scabs Of Trust
08. Ivory Tower
09. Hell
10. Category Of The Dead
11. Melting The Mountain
12. Afterburner
Line up David Sanchez - guitar, vocals
Shawn Chavez - guitar, backing vocals
Jesse De Los Santos - bass, backing vocals

(They are looking for a drummer right now!)
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