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Fehler - Adharma
Fehler is a trio from Utrecht/Den Bosch, the Netherlands. This 5 song EP is their debut release.

is one of those sludgy postcore/doom bands that popped up the last couple of years in the Netherlands. New coming bands like Izah, Otis and the likes are also the bands they share the stage with frequently.
Musically Fehler can be described as noisy sludge/postcore/metal, with elements of bands like Cursed, Tragedy, (old) Isis and more sludgy bands like Kylesa and EyeHateGod. This EP is a good introduction of this new promising band. Although not all songs are as strong as they should have been, overall this is a very good release. The vocals sound a little gruff at times though and after a couple of songs it doesn’t sound as strong and powerful as in the beginning. The best song of this EP is by far the second song called ‘Orchid’, which has a great atmospheric build up, to later on burst into a frantic bulldozer song. This song sounds like Kylesa on speed, great song!
Overall this is a decent release, by a promising new Dutch band. The packaging on this CD is also beautifully done, with a cardboard cover. Check these guys out if you like your music dirty and down tuned!
Fehler - Adharma
69/1001Details Black Death Records
Released on Wednesday Dec 30th, 2009
Sludge / Post Hardcore

Writer @RoyBalowski on Wednesday Feb 17th, 2010

Tags: #Fehler
Tracklisting 01. Season Of The Witch
02. Orchid
03. In Her Eyes
04. Variations On A Theme
05. Blinded By Fear
Line up Ruud - drums
Freek - bass, vocals
Demian - guitars