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Dead to Fall - Villainy & Virtue
I’ve come to realize that the genre of metalcore is dying a slow death among many others. The originality disappears and is replaced by braindead beating. Even more irritating is all that new stuff which throws in the emo. Now don’t get me wrong, I like good singing a lot, if it’s worked out properly. That’s not the case with most metalcore bands in my opinion. Dead to Fall fortunately doesn’t have melodic vocals. But does that save them?
I can be short about that. NO IT DOESN’T!!! It helps a bit though, but not enough. For starters there’s still the emo guitar parts, which blend in really bad with the rest of the music. They try to do the “silence before the storm” trick a lot, but unsuccessful.
Second of all, I can’t mention one thing about this album that I haven’t heard before. Now that’s not always a must, but in a genre where so many do the same you usually choose the best bands and take the rest for granted. It’s not like it’s a terrible band, it just lacks something that catches my attention.
Now to describe the music, it’s pretty brutal metalcore without melodic vocals, with a big death metal influence, both the brutal and the melodic kind. Add some melodic breaks here and there and you’re dead to fall!
If you’re into this style of music and you can communicate with the description of the band I gave in this review, check it out. Seriously, then I know it can be enjoyable. But if you’re looking for something new and original, keep away.
Torn Self
Bastard Set Of Dreams
Stand Your Ground
You’ve Already Died
Villainy & Virtue
Little Birds
Blood Of The Moon
Cross Section
Master Exploder
Jonathan Hunt – vocals
Matthew Matera – guitar
Evan Kaplan – drums, computer music
Justin Jakimiak – bass
Antone Jones – guitar
Dead to Fall - Villainy & Virtue
60/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Dec 22nd, 2004

Tags: #Dead to Fall
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