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Dead To Fall - The Phoenix Throne
Since it had been quite a while since I received a really good metalcore record to review, I was quite excited to receive the new Dead To Fall album. Ok, I’ll admit it, I don’t know any material of this band, neither have I heard lots of positive reactions about them but for some reason this band grabs my attention. Well, ‘The Phoenix Throne’ is about to give me an answer to the question if this band really deserves my (positive) attention.
And the answer is: yes! Dead To Fall does deserve my attention. No it’s not the best metalcore album I ever heard. And no, Dead To Fall will never be my all time favorite but hey?! It’s good music and that’s what I care about.
The things that Dead To Fall uses to distinguish themselves from other (more standard) metalcore bands are a pretty dark atmosphere, which is created by very low tuned guitar and bass sounds. And besides the dark atmosphere, they use a lot of tempo changes. Many songs contain slow parts that suddenly turn into fast, devastating parts and it makes the album definitely worth it.
Though, the vocals aren’t really outstanding; they’re just your average metalcore vocals. Maybe a bit more variation in them next time? At least they fit in with the music, which is most important of course! Dead To Fall also uses quite some guitar solos on the album which doesn’t bother my either. Actually the guitar solos are kinda like the guitar sound I’m used to hear from Unearth. Nice!
All in all, ‘The Phoenix Throne’ is quite a nice album which definitely will be appreciated by most metalcore fans. If you’re looking for something new and not too refreshing, check it out!
Dead To Fall - The Phoenix Throne
73/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Tuesday Apr 4th, 2006

Writer @Boek on Thursday Apr 27th, 2006

Tags: #Dead To Fall
Tracklisting 1. All My Heroes Have Failed Me (3:21)
2. Womb Portals (4:45)
3. Smoke & Mirrors (2:58)
4. Servant Of Sorrow (3:29)
5. Chum Fiesta (2:23)
6. Guillotine Dream (6:15)
7. Doomed To Failure (6:07)
8. Corpse Collector (3:05)
9. The Reptile Lord (5:06)
10. Death & Rebirth (4:56)
Line up Jonathan Hunt - Vocals
Matt Matera - Guitar
Logan Kelly - Guitar
Tim Java - Drums
Chris Nolan - Bass