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Anal Vomit - Demonic Flagellations
Anal Vomit – Demoniac Flagellations
When I saw the list of cd’s to choose from to review, this name looked so hilarious that I just had to hear it. Of all the disgusting things one can think of, Anal Vomit sounds really bad. Let’s see if the music has more dept to offer than their name does.
I was expecting something extremely noisy and disgusting, but my expectations were not correct at all. What I got to hear was some true Southern-American death metal with a big chunk of black metal mixed into it. This band has been playing since 1992 and has gone through various line-up changes, the only original remaining member is drummer Toñyn Destructor. Various demo’s and other releases have seen the light of day in the underground scene already, but this is the first full-length album.
The only comparable thing I know is the early work of Sepultura, to whom they pay tribute in the form of a different cover on each cd of one of Sepultura’s early songs. I’ve got  Anti-Christ on mine!!
Well, just think of Southern-American death metal mixed with black metal and it’s Anal Vomit. After a couple of songs of bashing it does begin to bore, but the true fans of brainbash metal will love this shit. The only thing that could have been better is the sound of the drums. They sound a bit out of place, they are fast and brutal, there’s just something about the final mixes that makes them sound weird, especially the snare drum. You have to hear it to notice it.
There are also some lyrics entirely in Spanish, that explains why I can’t understand jack shit from some songs. The death vocals don’t impress me too much, but the black vocals do. There are some really high screams on this record. I like the one in the start of the first track Sendero Siniestro a lot, I just don’t like the ones that tend to power metal.
The best thing about the album are definitely the fast riffs (the bass sounds really nice by the way) combined with the chaotic drum rolls. Ass-kicking!
Musically this isn’t a bad album, they just need a better guy behind the buttons to really show what they can do.
1. Sendero Siniestro
2. Temptation and Pleasure
3. Total Sacriligious
4. Seed Of Evil
5. Signo de la Bestia
6. Kingdom of Cruelty II
7. Bestial Masacre
8. Camara de Torturas (Mortuorio)
9. Tales of Sorcery 
Line-up :
Noizer – guitars, vocals
Possesser – bass, vocals
Destructor – drums
Anal Vomit - Demonic Flagellations
67/1001Details Displeased Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
black/death metal

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Jan 10th, 2005

Tags: #Anal Vomit
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