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Bloodbath - Resurrection Through Carnage
Okay first of all the whole death metal scene will hate my guts for reviewing this release that is now nearly half an year old, but since it has been missed out by Metal so far I feel it as our duty and obligation to name this cd now that I have the chance, and I will do so because it is simply on of 2002's most brutal releases, probaly THE most brutal. For the ones that do not blame me for reviewing this record so late (the people who aren't in to death metal), a bit of Bloodbath History. Bloodbath is a relatively young Supergroup with two releases on their name: the debut 'Bleeding Death' and since september of last year the epic slaughtering Cd 'Ressurection Through Carnage'. This 'supergroup' consists of one of 'the masters of grunt' : Mikael �kerfeldt (Opeth) on vocals, Dan Swan� (Edge of Sanity) on drums, Jonas Renske on bass and Anders Nystr�m (Katatonia) on guitar. And as one expects with a band name and cover art as such, this is no Nickelback or Godsmack 'so-called-metal-anal-baby' release. This is ultra grooving ultra cool and above all fucking heavy old school Death Metal. Where 90% of all death metal bands known to me suck ass in having a cool greasy fat sound, grinding like a millstone and sounding simply afuckingmazinglygood, Bloodbath is one of the bands kicking major ass! This thumping slashing release starts of with the BRUTAL track 'Ways To The Grave' , a ultimate old school death metal song that displays �kerfeldt sick grunts to the max. The songis a sign of things to come on this cd. No Mercy, baby stomping, all butchering all devouring monster metal. The kind of death metal that makes your head nod in apreciation. Now I could go on here telling you what tracks are fucking brutal, but I'd be giving you the entire track listing. Okay what the heck! The absolute formost asskicking all groove 'n' grinding , compulsive headbang behaviour causing tracks are : So You Die, Bathe In Blood (One of the best starts of a song ever. There goes yer neck!) , Ways To The Grave, Like Fire (Dududududududu, yes that drum roll makes me very.... let's just say I remain calmer under the influence of 10 cups of coffee amphetamine), The Soul Collector (with it's earie intro sweeping into the grooving death metal WAAARRRGGG!!).... But let's not forget epic tracks such as Cry My Name, Death Delirium, Mass Strangulation and Trail Of Insects. And there you go, I've managed to name all the tracks again. Fuck it, this cd is worth it. It owns me, and so it should you. Buy this if you like metal. You WILL like it if you like heavily grinding stuff like Entombed. And if you don't like entombed, well... go fuck your self and put another Nickelback release on. I rest my case. Review By: Napalm Lex
Bloodbath - Resurrection Through Carnage
97/1001Details Century Media
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Lex on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Bloodbath
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