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Forlorn Legacy - Paths Of Insanity
The album I have received this time is the promo copy of Forlorn Legacy’s “Paths Of Insanity”. The fact that this band exists for almost a decade now and this is their debut album... wow, 10 years and this is the first album…

The other thing is that this album isn’t only the debut album for Forlorn Legacy, but for Metalsound Records (a record label from Croatia) as well.
Forlorn Legacy is a band from Croatia and was formed in 1995 and they have produced 4 demos, they have played with pretty big bands like; Cannibal Corpse, Kreator, Destruction and others.

In their biography they wrote that the band couldn’t be labelled in one cathegory but which band can be labeled? This “label” thing is just an indication of the biggest influence of the album if you ask me. And as they say in their bio; their foundation lies deeply in death metal so therefore I will cal this Death Metal.

Let’s pop this baby in the stereo shall we?

The first thing what draws my attention are the catchy riffs. I don’t know why, but already I have the feeling that I can't sit still if I hear this album. This is what gives one the best impression of an album, if you ask me; the first few seconds of the first song.
The second thing I noticed, is that the songs are pretty long. They are all about 4-5 minutes without too many repeated riffs and such. That is a very positive thing.

The sound of this album is very well recorded, especially if you think of the fact that this is the debut for the label as well. The vocals, drums, bass and guitars are very well mixed and the volume is great. I hate albums of which the first thing you notice is that they are recorded with those annoying gaps in volume.

Overall, I am very happy about this album; sometimes it reminds me of the older metal bands, like the early Metallica. This is finally a band where I have faith in.
Great job guys!!!!!

1. Conspiracy
2. Crest Of Silence
3. Insanity pt 1: Rewind
4. Welcome
5. Damned
6. Insanity pt2: Delirium
7. Collapse
8. Coldness Do Speak
9. Insanity Pt3: Revenge
10. Numb
11. Delusion
12. Stillborn
13. Last Try
14. Price To Pay

Line Up:
Viktor Pugelnik - Rhythm and solo guitars
Sinisa Arlavi - Bass guitar
Darko Etinger - Metal vocals
Mario Romanic - Rhythm and solo guitars / clean vocals
Stanislav Muskinja - Drums
Forlorn Legacy - Paths Of Insanity
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Death Metal

Writer @Dinges on Thursday Feb 10th, 2005

Tags: #Forlorn Legacy
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