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Lost Soul - Chaostream
What comes up in my mind when I think about Poland? Well Poland joined the European Union not long ago; Vodka (of course); Lots of stolen cars can be found in Poland; Behemoth; Vader. But I’ve never heard of the band Lost soul before (shame on me!)

Lost Soul
was founded in the year of 1991. In 1993 they recorded their first demo tape called Eternal Darkness. A year later they released Superior Ignotum. In 1998 …Now is Forever… was unleashed. In 2000 Lost Soul recorded their first full length album Scream of the Mourning Star and in 2002 Übermensch (Death of God) saw earth’s daylight.

I mentioned the names Behemoth and Vader before, and the are also the bands I would name if someone would ask me to compare Lost Soul with a other band. Sometimes I even hear a touch of Morbid Angel-like parts. But Lost Soul surely is not a copy of these bands. These three bands have one thing in common which cannot be ignored: Their asskicking fast drummers. Especially in the song Mortal Cage (which is also my favourite track) the drums are great. Hell yeah, kill ‘em all…. Oh no, it ain’t a machine gun.

The guitar riffs on Chaostream are great as well, but I can’t say this is new to me. Same thing for the vocals, great, but not unique. Wicked World surely knew why the contracted Lost Soul. Fast passages, slow doomy passages, dark atmosphere, Killer guitar riffs, overwhelming drums. All these things want you to bang your head until it rips itself off.

I must say Chaostream really is one of the best Death Metal records I’ve heard the last few months. If you like Behemoth, Vader and Decapitated you will adore Lost Soul’s Chaostream. And let’s not forget the great artwork, which really fits well on this record.

My advice: Don’t play this record in your car, unless you have money enough for speeding tickets

Lost Soul is:
Tomasz Fornalski – Bass
Jacek Grecki – Guitar/vocals
Adam Sierzega – Drums
Piotr Ostrowski – Guitar

Track listing:
1. Word of Sin
2. Godstate
3. Death Crowns All
4. Shameful
5. The Hidden Law
6. Mortal Cage
7. Christian Meat
8. Angels Cry
9. The Birth of BABALON
Lost Soul - Chaostream
90/1001Details Wicked World
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Death Metal

Writer @Arcane on Wednesday Mar 30th, 2005

Tags: #Lost Soul
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