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Strapping Young lad - Live At Manchester Academy
First of all, don't go and look for this Live recording of the Strapping Young Lad gig in the stores. It's only available at the Strapping web site. Just follow this link: In case you didn't know this yet, Devin Townsend is the greatest musical mastermind ever and Strapping Young Lad The best metal band that has emerged the last ten years. If you have ever witnessed them live you agree. This band is a pure extraction of energy and agression. Currently touring through Europe withj The Devin Townsend Band and Zimmers Hole, SYL is causing a lot of broken bones in audiences all over Europe. The performances witnessed so far have been of amazing quality and energy. Some of the best metal shows ever seen. Now the fans are rewarded even more as the Strapping Young Lad website release a free full bootleg for download. The bootleg starts with a full lift off with the crunching track "Consequence" displaying an amazingly good sound for a live show. After just one track I'm convinced this recording is even fuller and better than their official live album "No Sleep Till Bed Time"! This is THE shit, dudes and dudettes. Devin continues with an near-inhumane live version of "Oh My Fucking God". This track, that has to be one of the fastest and hardest songs ever produced, is played with stunning clearity and style. Townsend pauses the song in famiiar style and hands the audience this hilarious anecdote: "Ooohhh. Hey! It's All Crap! The Sports Team From My Area, Is Superior to the sports team from your area. Drive A Pick-Up Truck! With A Gun Rack! Kill Bunny Rabits! Arg! Kill! Death! E-e-e-evil! Satannn! What happens when you play country music backwards? Your truck starts working again and your dog comes back to life... ..anybody here suck a little bit of dick? ...anybody here suck a little bit of dick? SIR! GET DOWN THERE AND SUCK MY BODY'S COCK!" After that Gene Hoglan displays once again that he is the best drummer in the world while the song fucks up your head like an overdosis cocaine the way we are used to hearing from SYL. Then Devin gives the listener a pause to cool of the head... fo about 5 seconds! Commence "SYL", headbanging force 10 with "Relentless" en mosh grind power on 12 with the monsterous track "Rape Song". At this point I just had to turn down the volume. This is top notch recording quality, people. I can see/hear why the guys had the urge to put this recording on-line so quickly. After a short pause and some hilarious Townsend anecdotes Strapping crushes again with "In The Rainy Season", an perfect live translation of "Devour" and the earie sounds of "Last Minute". Then onward with the beat starting here with "Home Nucleonics", another insanely fast strapping song.. Listen to this and visualise an enormous and furious pit of people beating the shit out of each other. The show finishes off with (and I quote) "a new song off our first album" : Aftermath, and the ingenius "Detox" The band returns with a short and funny cover of Priest's "Heading Out To The HIghway" before finishing the show aswell as the audience with the ultimate Strapping track "All Hail The New Flesh". Fuck yeah. If you missed out Strapping on their latest tour throughout Europe or The US, hit yourself over the head with a baseball bat, and then download this. This is THE shit!