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Severe Torture - Blood Letting
Severe Torture is well-known among death metal fans as the Dutch Cannibal Corpse. I find this statement not entirely correct, however it does come close. What I found in my mailbox was an album called Blood Letting. I found out that it actually was a live album plus some extra bonuses. Severe Torture started out somewhere in 1997-98 and recorded their first demo called Baptized, which has been added to this compilation as well. The only difference is that it has been re-mastered and that it sounds very well! The first 10 songs are recorded live in Denmark and have been mixed by Tue Madsen (i.e. the new Blood Red Throne record was his work too)
With the information above and the expectation that something mixed by Tue Madsen has to be devastating, I put the record in the player. It starts out with Feces For Jesus and I can immediately hear that the production is indeed very killer. There is actually distinction between the instruments, which usually lacks on a live record. What can you expect more from these tracks but sheer brutality, played awfully tight in such a way it grabs you at your balls. No, I’m not suggestion it has something with Power metal, but I leave that to one of my colleagues. I can’t write anything useful about these songs, as they already have been released quite awhile ago and people who have looked for it, shouldn’t need introduction.
  About the remixed demo Baptized, I can be relatively short. It kicks ass. I’ve never heard those old songs before and I was quite curious, because the songs were written with a different guitar player, Jelle Schuurmans, who now plays in Nihilistic. The songs are quite the same, but they have a different touch. After hearing these songs, I knew why people often referred to Severe Torture as the Dutch Cannibal Corpse, because these songs almost match perfectly. A song like Till The End could have easily been written by Cannibal Corpse. To complete this album a cover song was recorded. The song they’ve covered is Lost Souls, which originally has been written by the Dutch band Pestilence. Originally, this song is very thrashy and Severe Torture have tried to put that sound into a more developed and brutal version. They’ve only succeeded half in that and I could do without it so to speak. I did like the vocals though!
People who’ve never heard of Severe Torture before, could better start with an album like Misanthropic Carnage, because it’s more the sound they use nowadays and live albums just have the problem that even when they’ve been mixed a dozen times, they still just don’t sound like the original. People who do know Severe Torture though and don’t have had the chance to listen to the demo Baptized, should really try to find it. I find it an enjoyable album, but not something I’ll listen to constantly.
Track list:
1: Feces For Jesus
2: Baptized In Virginal Liquid
3: Decomposing Bitch
4: Impelled To Kill
5: Mutilation Of The Flesh
6: Butchery Of The Soul
7: Carnivorous Force
8: Misanthropic Carnage
9: Pray For Nothing
10: Lost Souls (Pestilence cover)
Baptised, Demo 1998
11: Till The End
12: Severe Torture
13: Baptized In Virginal Liquid
14: Lambs Of A God
15: Taking Down The Descender
Line Up:
Vocals – Dennis
Guitar – Marvin
Guitar – Thijs
Bass – Patrick
Drums – Seth
Additional for Baptised:
Vocals – Erik
Guitars – Jelle