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Severe Torture - Fall Of The Despised
Severe Torture hail from Boxtel City in The Netherlands and the quality of their work is phenomenal. Their earlier albums set a path into brutal US death metal. Their latest full length album was Misanthropic Carnage, where the music was bulldozering over your properties. The only problem was that it tended to become boring after awhile, because there was no variation in the music, or perhaps too much variation. Now, with Fall Of The Despised, Severe Torture are back with a new album and a fresh approve of the music!
The album brutally starts out with Endless Strain Of Cadavers, which is a nice song, without the freaked out tempo changes, too short blasts or too long guitar solo’s. Almost immediately after hearing the next two tracks, I was certain. This is probably their best album ever; it has that massive sound of Misanthropic Carnage, while the music and riffs have changed to a steadier level, which does much good for headbanging muscles. 

One of my favourite songs of the album is Impulsive Mutilation, because of the ultra groovy starting riff. This song really reminded me of a song by Dutch death metallers Altar, I don’t know where I got that connection, but it suddenly sounded quite alike. Seth is doing a great job for the drums and the sound is crystal clear, just as the rest of the album, which is mixed neatly. The bass guitar could have been somewhat harder, but that is probably my only slightly negative point about this album. 

After almost dosing to sleep by the last track, which ends with a quite eerie guitar solo, I was stamped awake by Dead From The Waist Up. Brutality reigns supreme, is the only commentary I can give about this! This song gave me a Morbid Angel-like feeling, because of the riffs and drum work. This also counts for the song Enshrined In Madness, which is really building up to a climax and reminded me of the song God Of Emptiness by Morbid Angel. The last track of the album is called End Of Christ and it makes sure this album ends with an explosion. That was another negative point, as final song they picked some kind of intro and called it Fall Of The Despised. Why not ending this album as it should end in my opinion, with a really blasting song!
What I can make of this album, is that Severe Torture have worked hard to create this pearl. A nice asset on the Dutch death metal front, and an album that should not be missing among your other death metal albums like Cannibal Corpse – Vile or Immolation – Here In After.
Severe Torture - Fall Of The Despised
86/1001Details Earache Records
Released on Friday Nov 4th, 2005
Brutal Death Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Saturday Nov 12th, 2005

Tags: #Severe Torture
Tracklisting 1: Endless Strain Of Cadavers
2: Sawn Off
3: Unconditional Annihilation
4: Consuming The Dying
5: Impulsive Mutilation
6: Dead From The Waist Up
7: Decree Of Darkness
8: Enshrined In Madness
9: End Of Christ
10: Fall Of The Despised
Line up Vocals - Dennis
Guitar - Marvin
Guitar - Thijs
Bass - Patrick
Drums - Seth