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Sacrificio - Fin de la Fe

I’m going through some experiences, ever since I got in contact with heavy music for the first time. I actually think that everybody does. I started with bands like Silverchair and Smashing Pumpkins and saw that as ‘really hard and heavy’. Then I got to know a lot of different other bands, made my conclusion about what to be the most brutal one until I came up with The Berzerker. This must be it! I was so certain about myself that I had found the ultimate sensation of hard sound. How could I know?

So, first of all, I’d like to give my congratulations to the band Sacrificio for going further in my quest. As one could see in my profile, I’m not that into this kind of music, so when I first heard this cd, starting with a brutal, brutal, brutal!! scream, I thought: ‘My god, what am I into?’ The first three songs give the listener something that a true fan of the genre certainly should appreciate, using both the strong heavy riffs on the low snares and very fast loops on the high ones. The band combines this with a low, grunting voice, fast drums (with the typically snare sound) and rumbling bass. Not my favorite kind of music, but as far as I know, I’d say that it is good in its kind.
What interests me mostly is the instrumental 4th song on the record. It’s actually clean and very relaxing. Like this band knows that the first songs are so overwhelming that the listener needs a time to breath. It only takes a short two minutes until the brutality goes any further.
After this ‘break’ the songs somehow differ from the first ones. Of course, the riffs are very fast, but the music is also played at half speed so I actually have the time to bang my head. The cd ends with an almost seven minute long technical song with variation in high loops, slamming guitars and weird solo’s. They’re interesting to listen to.
The negative part, to me, is the fact that the vocals are producing only a short range of notes. I know that that’s something one has to face in this genre, but because I reckon a few interesting aspects of this band I’d say that some variation in the vocals would certainly do the band any good.
So, for my conclusion I’d like to mention that this brutal band, Sacrificio, has come up with a record that really beats the hell out of ya. It’s not my favorite kind of thing but very well structured. And there is a lot to discover on this record which makes it interesting to listen at.


Jeffrey Dones - guitar
Jean Otero - vocals
Luis Robles - drums
David Claudio - guitar
Carlos Otero - bass


1. 10 Mandamientos
2. Recluta del inferno
3. Eterno Resurgir
4. Depresion suicidia
5. Lluvia de sangre
6. En problemas
7. Orden sacerdotal
8. La sagrada mentira

Sacrificio - Fin de la Fe
72/1001Details Dan\'s Crypt
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Death Metal

Writer @CarpeSiem on Thursday Apr 7th, 2005

Tags: #Sacrificio
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