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Morior Ergo Sum - Inheritors of Invertors

Normally, I’m not that into death metal, but because this cd should contain some aspects of melodic and powerful influences, I decided to give it a shot and come up with a fine review of this. Despite the fact that I had never heard of this band before.

Morior Ergo Sum, a free interpretation of a quote from famous scientist Descartes. But what the hell should I expect from something that is called melodic death metal?
The cd begins with an intro, something that would perfectly fit into a haunted mansion in Luna parks. Always nice to build up the expectations. And after that, of course, the exploding starts. I immediately start to squeeze my eyes as I hear the brutal guitar riffs and the deep, dark, grunting vocals. This is exactly what I was afraid for, music in a way that I can not actually like. And I wonder where the melodic parts would be.
But then, after the first song, the clouds start to disappear and sunshine sets in. These brutal and heavy guitar riffs smoothly!! Start to fade away into sings of relief, like the first ray of morning light after a night of rain. I even hear clean vocals.
I must say that the previous lines are a little bit exaggerated. It seems like both, the heavy parts and the melodic parts, exists of extraordinary nice parts of music, but they don’t. I won’t say that I’ve never heard of anything like the separated parts before but I really appreciate the fact that this band is actually able to create something like this. Morior Ergo Sum proves that brutality and tenderness do fit together in a way that is not bothering you, and hereby I’d like to quote James Mercer (The Shins): ‘I try to come up with some fine pieces of music. After the first part I want to make a complete change in the music in a way that the ones to listen feel like the songs are complete as a whole.’
For me, the actual band is not that interesting because the different parts of music are not that great, but for those who would like to hear some great work of musical creativity, here’s one for ya!

Line up:

Javier Salas - vocals
Isaac Rodriguez - bass  
Raul Fernandez - drums
Jose M. Lopez - guitar
Angel “Pira” del Castillo - guitar
Fray Leopaldo - keyboard


1. Call of the unseen
2. Sine Nomine
3. Inner faith
4. The great master
5. Between two worlds
6. Hate and fear united
7. Sands of fate
8. Velvet Lascivious Darkness

Morior Ergo Sum - Inheritors of Invertors
75/1001Details Dan\'s Crypt
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Melodic Death Metal

Writer @CarpeSiem on Thursday Apr 7th, 2005

Tags: #Morior Ergo Sum
Line up