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Cadence - demo
This demo features 3 songs, so it is easy to see (or hear, what you want) what these guys are about. Cadence is a band from Massachusetts and play 'Groove Metal'. An explanation: We're not really into genres, but groove metal does sound pretty damn cool. I guess it's music that'll get you up and moving," says Tim, the guitarist for Cadence. Let's hope so, otherwise he's lying to us, and I don't like lying people. Let's go on with the songs. The first song on this demo is 'Invisible'. Okay, nice riff in the beginning, kinda Deftones alike, but what the hell. It's pretty hard to be original these days. Then the vocalist starts doing hisn thing. Damn. Don't sing if you can't sing. Background vocals are totally okay by the way, the second vocalist should be doing all vocals. Let's hope the next songs are better than this one. Second track: Succubus. I like the riff, too bad it keeps repeating itself through the entire song. Vocals more being told than screamed or grunted. Not that great as well. Okay, the final track. 'Down'. The way this demo is going is this song is like the others. Damn. again that 'singing'. Stop it. The song itself is okay, but this guy can't sing at all. It is like a kid in primary school doing a solo concert on a parents eve. Too bad guys, you've messed up this one. Tracklisting 1. Invisible 2. Succubus 3. Down Cadence is: Blake Bearden (vocals) Tim Wright ( Guitar/Vocals) Jesse Coutu (Bass) Ben Caroll (Drums)
Cadence - demo
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Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @sic on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Cadence
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