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Cadence - The Groove Metal EP
The follow up to the demo. This time the singer is gone. I'm glad this guy is gone, he wasn't a usefull addition to the band. Let's hope this is better. This EP has 6 songs on it. 3 more than the demo, 3 new songs, and the 3 songs which were on the demo as well. Note: the demo songs have been revised. Good. Let's go on with the review. This time I'll do an overall view, way easier to do. Most songs on the EP are totally okay, good riffs, good drumming, great shouting and stuff. Still there is the singing. Guys, don't sing or find someone who can sing. The EP would be great if there was no singing at all, just the screaming and shouting. The production isn't that good as well. The song I like best on tihs EP is 'My Girl'. This EP is better than the demo, still no work of art. Track Listing: 1. Innocence 2. Invicible 3. Tore It 4. Succubus 5. My Girl 6. Down
Cadence - The Groove Metal EP
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Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @sic on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Cadence
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