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GF93 - OSR
So, what’s up with the Italian metalscene nowadays? Well, not much if you’d ask me, but what I do know from that scene, is the band GF93. I bet you never heard of that band before! Which is a bit disappointing to me, because I really think this band brings a fresh wind into the nu-metalscene that is a bit dying out with all the metalcore bands conquering the world these days. What GF93 is about? Simple, just play music in their own unique way (I gotta admit that they actually managed to do that!), but still play music influenced by other bands such as Converge, Deftones, Korn and even At The Drive-In. Addition to this disc, it is mixed by Kurt Ballou from Converge. Something the band seems to be really proud of.
Based on only one song I knew from these guys, I wanted to review ‘OSR’. That one song amused me for more than a year already, which was good enough for me to ‘like’ this band. And fortunately it turned out to be an album in the same style of that song (which is called ‘Demonology’ by the way). GF93 is one of those few bands I can still enjoy after all those nu-metalbands from the past few years. Almost every song on this album sticks in your head the whole day long and after giving it a few tries, you get the point of this music. Just tight guitar playing, nice drum work, which can’t be called special, though they’re entertaining enough to keep your attention. The vocals aren’t just screaming into a mic, it’s a kinda rap-scream-singing voice that keeps coming out of my speakers, really nice and not something I immediately recognize from other bands I’ve heard so often before.
The more I listened to this album, the more difficult it became for me to pick a favorite song of this album. Just something to recommend to those of you who’d like to try a song before buying the whole album. But if I’d had to pick three songs, it would be: ‘Lesive’, ‘Trustpay’ and ‘Eight Years’. Especially ‘Trustpay’ shows a different side of GF93, due to a unique use of the vocals, really nice work Carlo! 
Although there’s nothing wrong with the remix of ‘Eight Years’, I think it’s not something that gives the album any extra value. But what the hell, this album just rocks, it’s not special, it’s not awesome, it’s just back to basic but in a great way! Just give it a try!
Mario De Giorgi – Guitar
Carlo Bellotti – Vocals
Fabio ‘Fabba’ Baini – Bass
Alvaro Buzzegoli - Drums
01. Brings Further Signification
02. 25 Times Fire Devastates
03. Lesive
04. Deathwishineye
05. Enter The Cult (The Cold Ocean)
06. Enter Reprise
07. Heartbeat
08. Crush-Art
09. Earthagram
10. Trustpay
11. Own Style Research
12. Eight Years
13. Eight Years (Syncprodz Remix)
GF93 - OSR
77/1001Details Incendiary Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Boek on Friday May 6th, 2005

Tags: #GF93
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