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Eternal Reign - Forbiddan Path

Eternal Reign, formed in 1997 is getting very positive comments throughout the years that passed by. Its original name was Perfect Crime, which changed in 2002, just before the release of the record ‘Crimes of Passion.’ Ever since, the band worked hard to get success. The band won some band contests and got very positive reactions in different kinds of magazines. So it’s just about time for Metalrage to give it a closer look.

There is a lot to talk about this time. Like always in this genre, the production is very important. The single instruments should be noticeable very well, because most of the times the listener gets lots of overwhelming sounds to experience. So, without a fine production, the music sounds like a big mess. Eternal Reign is a good example of this. The recording has been done very well, which makes it easy to actually listen to the music. For journalism that’s a very important thing.
Then we’d take a closer look at the single instruments. For the guitar it is important to come up with (seaming) easy verses, powerful and slamming choruses and good guitar solo’s, with a high range of tones. Check. The drums should also be slamming, using the snare and cymbals. Also the double bass should give the music a kind of variation in the speed of the songs. Check. Then vocals. I know that people who dislike power-metal really hate the high singing, imagining hairy men in leather trousers squeezing their eyes, but it is a very nice thing in the genre. It actually lifts the music up to a higher level. That is, off course, just my opinion, but I’m sure a lot of people agree with me. Also, the vocals should ‘guide’ the other musicians to continue or change the melody. And most important, the singer should never make mistakes and present his work in a way that makes the listener clear that he’s capable of his contribution of the band. Check.
So, until now, there is nothing wrong. Perhaps the songs then? Yes, yes, yes. People, imagine that you hear someone say the word ‘power-metal’. I’m sure everyone has an idea about the genre and maybe you’d imagine bands like Stratovarius, At Vance or Symphony X. But then you’d actually give examples of how some musicians use a theme and make their own creations of it. Now, clear up your mind and just think of some riffs, vocals, drums and bass that you’d think would fit in this genre. That is exactly what Eternal Reign has done.
So, for my conclusion I’d like to say that the cd is very well made. A lot of work and love is put in this record, thumbs up. But I can’t come up with anything that I have never heard before, so I don’t have the intention to listen to this record very often.
This band should be a perfect opening act for great bands in the scene, because they’re capable enough to perform their work live, I wouldn’t doubt about it a single moment. But in the end, gigs are mostly about the main act.

Track list:
1. Gate to infinity
2. Light the light
3. Into my own hands
4. Les reves en plastique
5. The final call
6. Edge of the world
7. Forbidden path
8. Losing ground
9. Set the sails
10. Nightstalker
11. The seconds in

Dirk Stuhmer: Vocals
Michael Sebastian: Guitar
Torsten Funfhaus: Guitar
Bjorn Meyer:  Keyboards
Jorg Hassel:  Bass
Andre Genuit:  Drums

Eternal Reign - Forbiddan Path
65/1001Details Limb Music Products
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @CarpeSiem on Thursday May 12th, 2005

Tags: #Eternal Reign
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