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Kaipa - Mindrevolutions

Kaipa, the name of the bands sounds already strange, doesn’t it? A brief look on their biography tells me that this band exists for 30 years now. 30 years!!!! Ok, there was a break from 20 years but the fact that people are making music under the same name for such a long time is something to be proud of.

I have to admit: the first time I heard sounds from this record, my reaction was: ‘What the hell is this?? And why would a band that exists for such a long time send this to a metal e-zine?’ After a while, my opinion totally changed. Let me explain why.
The music is… it’s just weird. I cannot say it is typically one genre, so let me quote how the band describes itself: ‘an unconventional progressive rock band rooted in the traditions of the Swedish folk’. Now, that makes sense, doesn’t it? For the ones who are very good at languages, you’ll understand me perfectly. I’ll continue.
The melodies are just overwhelming in this record. The sound of the guitar somehow reminds me of Queen. At other points, this instrument seems to have no boundaries when it comes to solo’s. (some of them lasting for minutes) The guitar could also be described as being in a computer game, or as background in a fairy tale. Very charming, ‘little’, sprinkling sounds that speed up and slow down to describe the adventures the main characters that you’re watching or reading about. It is as if the instruments are talk by their selves.
The drums, played by Morgan Agren (Zappa) are such a nice guidance for the other musicians. At first you wouldn’t notice them, but when taking a closer look, the cymbals and drums actually lead the way for the rest.
And then the vocals. I mentioned Christopher Lee as a story teller in the review of Rhapsody, creating a tremendous sphere for a saga. Well, in this case the four people that take care of the vocals have done at least as well. Oh, how jealous am I of their children. I really get the feeling that everything that I’ve worried about the last days, doesn’t matter at all anymore. Just the soft, so very pure (especially the ones from Aleena), vocals….and the way they combine, with different heights.
I could talk for hours about this album, and explain why everyone should listen to it, but I think that would be a silly thing so I’d like to have some critical points. That is, for the one’s who dislike experimental music. I could imagine that the long instrumental parts are a bit annoying. And I, for myself, think that they should be shortened. But since everyone who visits Metalrage should be considered as a music lover, I doubt whether you, as a reader of this article, would have this opinion. Also, this band doesn’t make heavy music. Like mentioned above, it is experimental rock, some out there would call it pop. That’s fine by me, you now know what to expect.

Finally, let me tell you about the 25!! minute title-song. I’ve heard some long songs in the past, some of them quite nice, others just rubbish. This one has such a great structure, with climaxes, sings of relief and strong, fast guitar riffs. If you haven’t got any plans to get this album, please do so for this song.
My conclusion: although I’d never heard of Kaipa before, I’d like to give them a warm welcome, here at Metalrage. I’d like to repeat that this album should reconsider the long instrumental parts. For the rest, like in a fairy tail, let’s say that everyone lived happy ever after.

Track list:
1. The dodger (8:09)
2. Electric leaves (4:13)
3. Shadows of time (6:50)
4. A pair of sunbeams (5:19)
5. Mindrevolutions (25:47)
6. Flowing free (3:53)
7. Last free Indian (7:27)
8. Our deepest inner shore (4:59)
9. Timebomb (4:32)
10. Remains of the day (8:02)

Hans Lundin:   Keyboards & vocals
Roine Stolt:    Electric & acoustic guitars, percussion & vocals
Morgan Ågren:   Drums
Jonas Reingold:   Fretless & Yamaha custom basses
Patrik Lundström:   Vocals
Aleena:    Vocals

Kaipa - Mindrevolutions
89/1001Details Sandport
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
progressive rock

Writer @CarpeSiem on Thursday May 12th, 2005

Tags: #Kaipa
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