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Exotherm - Project 47

Exotherm, I must say that I think it’s quite a nice name for a metal band. Describing yourself as a way that the energy is just spitted out in the surroundings. I’d never heard of this band before, but the website and artwork of the cd are promising and showing that this band wouldn’t be just one out of millions.

The record starts with an intro, where the guitar is creating slow loops. I really like those openings, but most of the time, the rest is a bit of a pity. And I could say that in this case, the rest is indeed not what I hoped for.
The music is very fast and technically it comes out very nice, with the guitars as the most important instrument. Very fast riffs combined with some high notes and little loops.
When the vocals begin, my body squeezes a little bit. I expected a shouting voice or high vocals but got a low sound instead. Not bad at all, always nice to hear something unexpected. After a while, the vocals start to rise, and again my eyes squeeze, this time for real. And what is he singing? ‘Like a dance with the devil. So dance into the light. Believe in God!’ Also something that makes my shiver at first, but when taking a closer look, I must consider that it certainly makes a statement.
Track six on the album, what to think, is worth to mention. At first, you’d expect to get a ballad, but then, after a minute, my oh my, how fast can you go. All of a sudden, I see myself reflecting in the window in front of me and banging my head. 
As for the lyrics, I couldn’t find any comments on what I’m about to say so correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s quite some time since I’ve read such religious lyrics before. In a time where a lot of other bands talk (and scream) about all the pain and harm in the world, I find it very nice to see a band that comes with a solution, and not just questions. I quote from the song ‘Father’: ‘He’s coming close to you. He makes his dream come true. You have to love him. It’s your father. And not a dream….’
So, my conclusion about this record is that at first sight I wouldn’t consider to buy it. But, when taking a closer look, the creativity and the guts that this band put into this record is something to appreciate. That is despite the, for me very important, somehow weak vocals. 

Track list:
1. Believe in God
2. Father
3. Thoughts like poison
4. Icarus
5. It’s time
6. What to think
7. Come home!
8. 4…1…

Georg Laudenberg:  Vocals
Alexander Braikrats:  Guitar, Vocals
Christian Pirch:  Guitar
Nikolas Müller:   Bass
Pascal Azzolin:  Drums

Exotherm - Project 47
76/1001Details Hardebaran
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
heavy metal

Writer @CarpeSiem on Friday May 13th, 2005

Tags: #Exotherm
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