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Killer - Immortal
When I’m at a music store looking for metal cd’s I don’t know, I almost never listen to the cd’s with a crappy band name or crappy artwork. They just don’t look or sound attractive. So when I saw this cd I’m about to review, I thought :’Oh no! What a terrible artwork. The music must suck big time.’ So it went into my cd-player……….

is band from Belgium, this year they have their 25th anniversary, and I never have heard their music before. Why was I so stubborn? It was the name, Killer. It never sounded interesting to me.

I pushed the play button, and there it was…. Great 80’s heavy metal. The first song, Immortal, immediately starts with a nice riff that really sounds like the 80’s. And then I heard some keyboards on the background. What the fuck? That is not heavy metal in my opinion, keyboards… But on the other hand, it really does sound like 80’s metal. I like it, it really fits well, it’s just a slight touch of keyboard usage.

If I would have long hair, I would bang my head to this song until they would have to bring me to the hospital. The vocals of Paul “Shorty” van Camp are awesome.

First I thought this records would just be heavy metal, but when I hear the 3rd track, Stone cold, I noticed it was more then that. I has some progressive metal influences. Sometimes it reminds me of Fates Warning. And that is not a bad thing. Other bands which crossed my mind are Accept and Sinner.

The albums includes a variety of atmosphere. It has these neat headbang songs but also some low or midtempo songs. The sound of Immortal is good as well, the music is 80’s but the sound is really fresh and clear.

My favorite tracks of Immortal, are without a doubt Easy Rider And Frozen Fire - Burning Ice. Easy Rider has this awesome groove, and I just wanna scream along with Paul. It also has a great organ solo. And Frozen Fire - Burning Ice has this great headbang riffs and aggressive riffs and a great screaming solo. It really is a great album, but it is not refreshing or new.

Metalheads who really love 80’s metal will love Immortal. I surely do. It has been a while a good heavy metal album crossed my path, perhaps I should listen more to albums with bad artwork.
Killer are:
Paul “Shorty” van Camp – Lead and backing vocals, lead and baking guitars
Vanne – Drums, backing vocals
Spin – Bass guitar
Dave Powell – Keyboards, backing vocals

Track list:
1. Immortal
2. Frozen fire – Burning ice
3. Stone cold
4. The mirror
5. Queen of the future
6. Highland glory
7. Touch of evil
8. Drifting away
9. Easy rider
10. Always and forever
11. Liquid shadows
12. Ad tempus vitae
Killer - Immortal
80/1001Details Mausoleum Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
heavy metal

Writer @Arcane on Thursday Jun 9th, 2005

Tags: #Killer
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