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End Of April - Divided By Numbers
BIO: Combining the chug of metal with the fury of punk rock and tying it together with the intensity, honesty and release of hardcore; a rapid-fire vocal roller coaster through tunnels of anger, disappointment and insecurity; End of April have steadily proved that their brand of musical diversity does have it's place in an often sterile and xeroxed scene. The labels attatched to EOA have ranged from Metal to Punk to Hardcore to Nu Metal- but so much labeling only proves the wide spectrum of fans that are attracted to EOA. The sonic experience that is End of April can be best described as post-hardcore, which has enabled EOA to share stages with a wide spectrum of artists such as NRA, AS FRIENDS RUST, THERAPY? , DISTURBED, SNUFF, DREADLOCK PUSSY, HUMAN ALERT, LINEA 77, END OF GREEN... In 2000, IN YOUR ARMS LIKE CHAINS, their debut 6-track demo, was released and immediately well recieved by the press and fans alike, selling over 2,500 copies through backstage doors and word of mouth. "Remember The Daze" won a slot on the NU METAL 2000 sampler which sold over 5,000 pieces in Holland and Belgium. The biggest surprise was "200%" being featured on Rockhard magazines "UNERHOERT! # 7- The best bands without a deal" sampler, putting End of April into some 60,000 stereos around Germany. In spring of 2001, End of April finished recording their 2nd demo together with producer Phil Mills (x-NERVE) and released the 5 tracks as MP3 only on their website. The tracks were quickly downloaded by fans from all over the globe and showed a more intense, introverted and darker side to End of April... Divided By Numbers is a 6 songs long EP. The full length album will be out shortly. The first time I heard about End Of April was when the played with Agresion. You could buy their EP that evening too. During that night they made a big impression on me. That was because they had a great set and the show had power. About the EP, it starts with divided. It is a really cool song and doesn�t bore at all. The lyrics are good and sound like a real metal hit. After that one comes Venom, a bit louder and the vocal sounds even better. With this song you can get the audience going, that is fore sure. The songs lasts for 3.31 minutes and after that I played it again, it sounded very good. And then there is Scene Circus. This song is so cool. I especially like the melody in this song. But the one thing that isn�t so good is the second vocal, it sounds a bit awkward. The slow parts in the song just fit in it. Next song is deepend and this one starts with a weird sound for a few seconds and after that a great song which goes pretty fast. But it really sounds great. Again a song to get the audience going. Running with the devil (Part 2) is just a 2 minute durinc interlude. And then there is the final track Picking the Lock. I think this one is mixed very good because the sound is better than the other songs. The vocal Is very good in this one with a great melody. The song is a bit slow in some parts but the faster parts make that up. In the end it is very good� Overall this is a good EP and I think their will be a lot of End Of April in the future. ( I hope so). If you can buy this nearby, do it! It is a great cd. And if you can see them live, don�t even think about it, their great!!! Tracklisting: Divided Venom Scene Circus Deepend Running the devil (part 2) Picking the lock End Of April is: Marcus: Guitar Allard: Guitar Otto: Bass Martijn: Drums Allen: Vocals
End Of April - Divided By Numbers
80/1001Details Seamiew Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #End Of April
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