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Enemynside - let the madness begin

Shhh, silence please. Can you hear that? Yes? I bet you can. Am I right? Am I actually hearing what I’m hearing? It’s good old trash again. Not the kind of trash that has been produced these days but from back then, when bands like Exodus, Testament and Anthrax made the scene. Nowadays, Enemynside seems to get back to those times with their latest album ‘Let the madness begin,’ already being on the road of rock &roll since 1994. Well, shall we then?

And welcome, as if the band is trying to say. Right from the beginning, straight in your face, of we go, the heavy guitar riffs are following as hell and your ears seem to explode with every touch of every single string. First song ended? No problemo, still nine to go, and so on, and so on. 

Well, I think I’ve made my point already. Enemynside is a band to give a warm welcome. A band that provides trash as we know it and as we love it, with the drums supremely varying from single to double bass, hitting the snare in the perfect way, adding up guitars that produce heavy riffs, followed by those high squeezing notes and vocals that are making one thing clear: ‘I am the man with the microphone and as long as I’m in control, you just sit, listen and shut the hell up.’ 

The songs are structured pretty well, although some changes seem a bit different. Brilliant guitar playing in the third song ‘Ex-x-es’ suddenly changes in a bad slow riff. The change doesn’t seem to fit, contributing in a weak moment. On the other hands, songs like ‘Suddenly mad’, ‘Speed Killing’ and ‘Hatestone’ are nice songs for the fans.
As the songs continue and I’m still happy I’m thinking about the early days of trash and how this band should be added to the list I’ve given before. (and is bigger than mentioned above) The thing is, although the record is really nice and the songs well thought off, I hear nothing new. Enemynside is one of those bands that is just stable, being a perfect opening act for big other bands, but without clear characteristics of its own. But then again, that’s not entirely true. I think the songs are a bit too good. So let’s make this band the ‘ultimate general, descent and accurate trash-metal band then?’ I think they would qualify. That is, with this material. Maybe in the future, Enemynside would be able to come up with some new material, showing to the world that it is actually able to distinguish them. It might be an idea to put them on the bill of some big festivals in Europe, as an opening act. We’ll just have to wait and see. There’s no doubt about the fact that it is one of the most promising and interesting bands that I have heard of this year. My compliments!

Enemynside - let the madness begin
80/1001Details Hardebaran
Released on Sunday May 1st, 2005
progressive metal

Writer @CarpeSiem on Tuesday Aug 30th, 2005

Tags: #Enemynside
Tracklisting 1. Suddenly mad
2. Bad Junks
3. Ex-x-es
4. In memory free
5. Your enemy inside
6. Speed Killing
7. Peace of mud
8. Unchained
9. Scars
10. Hatestone
Line up Francesco Frallinsane Cremisini: vocals and guitar
Matteo Trasher Bellezza: guitar
Alberto Sempreboni: bass
Luca Marini: drums