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Every Time I Die - Gutter Phenomenon
Gutter Phenomenon is a term that was used in the 1950s to describe Rock ‘n Roll music. It was society’s reactions, at the time, to a style of music it considered ‘sinful’. Rock music was actually viewed as a discredit to American society. The people at the time believed that rock music would lead to people’s downfall. They thought Rock ‘n Roll would never last.

Above you can read the first paragraph of the Every Time I Die biography. Their new album Gutter Phenomenon has been released on August 22nd in Europe; due to the festivals visited we didn’t get the chance to review this album before. The band managed to release so called great albums in the past and their 2001 Last Night in Town was named one of the best albums of that year.

Every Time I Die
mixes a lot of styles into one style. They managed to create an own mix of Rock ‘n Roll, Hardcore and Metal. Of course every band has got some influences and on this album you can hear DEP influences in music, for example the screams in Bored Stiff.
Opener Apocalypse Now And Then uses a powerful Rock ‘n Roll riff in the beginning and the vocals are a combination of old vocal lines; only they have raised the tempo and the vocals consist out of a clean and scream. To be honest this song really gets your attention for the rest of the album.

On this album you can find some minors as well. It seemslike some guitar parts just sound like each other, for example the songs ‘Tusk And Temper’ and ‘Kill The Music’; both good songs but the first time I thought I was hearing the same song twice.
On this disc the band has invited some huge names in the industry to sing with them; Present are Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance's on Kill The Music and Glassjaw's Daryl Palumbo on Champing At The Bit. Too bad these vocalists just don’t add a lot to the music on this album and it won't raise the score I am giving.

Once again there is an album with a huge hype and a disappointing result. Every Time I Die presented us a song with some great live scream and long songs. It will be hard for people to stand still at shows during these songs. Though they don’t manage to get me along completely, the band hasn’t been sitting still and they are experimenting with some new elements. This sure is a good thing but the band needs to balance these elements to create their own thing.
Every Time I Die - Gutter Phenomenon
69/1001Details Ferret Records / Roadrunner Records
Released on Tuesday Aug 23rd, 2005

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Wednesday Aug 31st, 2005

Tags: #Every Time I Die
Tracklisting 1. Apocalypse Now And Then (2:34)
2. Kill The Music (3:14)
3. Bored Stiff (2:18)
4. Easy Tiger (3:02)
5. Tusk And Temper (3:55)
6. The New Black (2:53)
7. Champing At The Bit (3:57)
8. Gloom And How It Gets That Way (1:58)
9. Guitarred And Feathered (3:57)
10. L\'astronaut (3:05)
11. Pretty Dirty (3:33)
Line up - Jordan Bukley - Guitar
- Keith Bukley - Vocals
- Andrew Williams - Guitar
- Michael Novak Jr. (Ratboy) - Drums
- Kevin Faulk - Bass
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