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Aiden - A Nightmare Anatomy
Coming from the city that brought us Jimi Hendrix, Soundgarden and Nirvana, Aiden is one of the newer bands that signed a deal with the rapidly expanding Victory Records. The band, consisting of 4 high school friends, formed in 2003. The band released a full lenght, "Our Gangs Dark Oath" and played over a 100 shows before signing with Victory. In March 2005, Aiden headed into the studios with producer Steve Carter to record "A Nightmare Anatomy".

While browsing through the booklet and looking at the pictures, I was getting a bit worried. Guys with black emo hair, mascara, and looks on their faces as if they just crapped their pants but dont have the balls to admit it. I’m not someone who judges a band on their looks but this made the Pre-fabricated-music-Alarm to go haywire. I almost suspected an almost sort of HIM-esque rock or some crybaby emo, but when opener "Knife Blood Nightmare" kicked in it made things a bit worse. Aiden seems to play another breed of screamo-hardcore-goth-punk-blabla-rock that just doesn't mean anything to me personally. Maybe fans of My Chemical Romance or AFI can relate to this kind of music, but the tunes just don't stick with me.

I’m not saying that Aiden are bad musicians, but "A Nightmare Anatomy" seems like another entry into an already crowded genre of music. If the disc had some great, catchy tunes, things might have been different. Too bad that I couldnt even pick out one tune which could be a cool single, because no track rises above the level of mediocrity. Wil’s vocals miss that special thing that a vocalist needs in this kind of music. The guitarriffs are generic at best, and drumwise nothing happens that hasn’t been done a thousand times before. The band apparantly has a good live reputation, so I hope to catch them live one day.

Aiden seems to stick with a formula that works for a certain audience, but if they wan't to pursue a long career as a professional band I hardly advice them to go back to the rehearsalroom, hone their skill and just try to write better songs.
Aiden - A Nightmare Anatomy
51/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Monday Sep 26th, 2005

Writer @Carn on Sunday Sep 25th, 2005

Tags: #Aiden
Tracklisting 1. Knife Blood Nightmare
2. The Last Sunrise
3. Die Romantic
4. Genetic Design For Dying
5. Breathless
6. Unbreakable (I.J.M.A.)
7. It’s Cold Tonight
8. Enjoy The View
9. Goodbye We’re Falling Fast
10. This City Is Far From Here
11. See You In Hell
Line up Wil (Vocals)
Jake W. (Guitar)
Angel (Guitar)
Nick (Bass)
Jake D. (Drums)