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Aiden - Our Gangs Dark Oath
I saw Aiden play in Den Bosch some time ago. That’s why I thought Our Gangs Dark Oath was, at least, their second album. Well, it’s their debut. They do have a second album. A bit strange that I received this one…Anyway, some crazy gig it was. They stood there in front of 15 kids and played like they stood at a sold-out Starland Ballroom. Sure thing that they make a show out of it. And the music fits for that.
To put it in genres once again, Aiden plays a mix between some kind of emo with a lot of punk influences. I’ve heard that they also like to call it horror-rock. The name even comes from that movie: The Ring. And if you see how they're dressed, you’ll understand. Put the album into your computer to check out their videos.
They started in 2003 with Will on the bass. In the present he’s taking care of the vocals.
Personally I think that this can be improved. He sings kind of unsteady and it sounds like it takes a lot of energy to get the notes out the way he wants them to.
They’re using catchy riffs and melodies that sometimes sound like a soundtrack of a cheap movie. They even use background-choir sing-along stuff. At the show I visited, they literally forced everybody to sing along. Will jumped into the crowds and pushed the few visitors all together. ‘It’s in our hearts, It’s in our hands, The world by storm…’  they all sang.
I’m not very fond of this style and I think this is more something for the youngsters. They do make a hell of a show live and I do respect that. But music wise they’re not that special. It’s not original and technically not that interesting.
Aiden - Our Gangs Dark Oath
50/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Tuesday Apr 18th, 2006

Writer @Maurits on Tuesday Apr 18th, 2006

Tags: #Aiden
Tracklisting 1. Our Gang\'s Dark Oath Intro
2. The Dawn Breaking Tide
3. I Set My Friends On Fire
4. Pledge Resistance
5. Bridge Of Reason, Shore Of Faith
6. The Life I Left Behind
7. Looking Glass Eyes
8. Fifteen
9. Kid Becoming The Dream
10. Cold December
11. World By Storm
Line up Will Francis - vocals
Jake Wambold - guitar
Angel Ibarra - guitar
Nick Wiggins - bass
Jake Davison - drums