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Taint - The Ruin Of Nova Roma
Another Rise Above release (Capricorns' Ruder Forms Survive being the first I received), Taint are tapping a different musical vein. Their Alex Newport (Fudge Tunnel) mixed effort 'The Ruin Of Nova Roma' is a combination of everything sludgy and riff driven in modern 'rock 'n core' bands. An energetic mix of Keelhaul, Meatjack, Neurosis and Harkonen these guys from South Wales certainly pack a heavy punch and are a force to be reckoned with. Hear this!

It's not very often that I write my conclusion at the beginning of a review, but it just simply has to be said. Taint rock your ass off in a blazing fury of riffs that are simply to heavy, a bellowing emotionally driven vocal attack and a great sense of melody which makes up for a nut twisting experience really. This should at all times be listened with the volumeknob on 11 and something that you're legally allowed to break in the vicinity. 
It doesn't really matter which song you pick, they're all centered among a great guitar riff or a cool melodic lick which lays a great foundation for each song, around which the rest of the band revolves. Centerpiece of the album is the title track. A slow, grinding, dynamic ballbuster which essentially a slow build up to the album's masterpiece 'Amaranthine', a 9 minute epic featuring everything this band stands for I guess. Even some well placed female vocals (I don't know who she is), which really add more to the greatness to this song. It begins with some ambient samples, then a fragile clean guitar riff and slowly but certain the rest of the band kicks in, building towards a climax brick by musical brick. It's the stuff what geniuses are made of, it's that fuckin' good.

Well, what more should be said? That we're dealing with some really capable musicians here? That the production is great, clear and friggin' heavy? That every riff on this album is good? That this album grows on you (or really me) with every listen?

The only downside to this album is that it doesn't sound totally original, but when the music is executed like this and the songs are that awesome you just simply don't care. Guitar riffs! Grooves!, Emotion! You simply 'feel' albums like these, or you don't. I certainly do, and with that this is yet another candidate for my ever growing 'would be' yearlist. Fans of all mentioned bands in the introduction simply must check this band, thank you very much.
Taint - The Ruin Of Nova Roma
93/1001Details Rise Above
Released on Monday Oct 24th, 2005

Writer @Ce-El-Wan on Monday Nov 21st, 2005

Tags: #Taint
Tracklisting 1. The Sound-Out Competition
2. Zealots & Whores
3. He Got Cop Eyes
4. Drunken Marksman
5. The Idol/The Memory
6. The Ruin Of Nova Roma
7. Amaranthine
8. Im Going To Kill Henry Ford
9. Poison Pen Attack!
10. Cours Et Conquistadors
Line up Chris West - Bass
Alex Harries - Drums
James \'Jimbob\' Isaac - Guitar & Vocals