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With Honor - This Is My Revenge

Eleven Songs of positive hardcore. Keeping the youth crew spirit alive and telling people about opportunities in life, about broken dreams and about fighting to reach your goals. This is what With Honor did. With the help of producer Brian Mcternan they came up with their brand new full length This Is Our Revenge.

With Honor is a positive hardcore band located in Connecticut . The band started out in 2002. Inspired by bands as Comeback Kid, Rise Against and Strike Anywhere they try to mix the old school hardcore with their positive view on life and music. Although With Honor teamed up with Stillborn Records for their 2004 release Heart Means Everything, they decided to switch label for This Is Our Revenge. Many labels were interested, but Victory Records gained the respect of With Honor because of its history and the other bands on the label.

The sound of the album is quite solid. The guitars, the drums and the vocals are mixed together pretty well. What else could you expect from a Victory release?

Although the band can be compared with bands like Comeback Kid and Rise Against, they are best compared to Ignite. At some moments I got the feeling Todd Mackey literally tries to copy Zoli Teglas. Even the guitar sound reminds me to the old school legends Ignite.

In my eyes the order of the songs on the album is chosen very well. The first tune immediately rocks your speakers and they manage to keep the promise till the last tune fades out. On the other hand any order could work for this album. Most of the songs are quite the same. And after a while it gets a bit boring.

To continue my comparison with Ignite; I think With Honor manages to create a more up to date sound. The album is more up tempo and the production is much better then most of the Ignite albums I heard. With Honor does not manage to put that much variety in their songs as Ignite does though. There isn’t one song on the album but the last song that really draws my attention and imprisons my ears to the speakers. It is easy to loose my concentration or even forget that I was actually listening to music with this album on.

All the band members are true musicians and with the right producer I think their next album will be much better than this one. I expect the band to create a more unique sound and style during the next year(s). I never liked Ignite that much, but With Honor is more accessible for me. I might even going to like their next album.

With Honor - This Is My Revenge
74/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Tuesday Oct 18th, 2005

Writer @Cymric on Friday Nov 25th, 2005

Tags: #With Honor
Tracklisting 1. Like Trumpets
2. Plot Two
3. Elevens
4. Up And Out
5. Closets
6. Bottoms Up
7. 20 Strong
8. You Always Said
9. A New War
10. Small Dreams
11. In A Battle
Line up Jay Aust – Guitar
Jeff Aust – Guitar
Jack Caron – Bass
Todd Mackey – Vocals
John Ross – Drums