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Sheavy - Republic?
A review for the stoniewonies of Metalrage, this time it’s Sheavy, an abbreviation of It's Heavy. These stoners from Newfoundland have finished a new record called Republic?. Sheavy has been controversially known as ‘that band with that Ozzy imitator’. However, the truth is that their vocalist just has that voice and he can’t do anything about it. I don’t care though; I like the vocals and the music!
The record starts out nicely with the track Spy vs Spy, which is one hell of an opener. The music has some things in common with Kyuss and a whole lot of bands that create such a sound. Personally, I’m a very big fan of desert rock and many bands like Solace, Sparzanza and The Mushroom River Band. I would say Sheavy falls in that league with music. 

The vocals are very distinguishable and I would say it is Ozzy with a touch of heaviness in the voice. Hangman, the 3rd track, is a nice track to calm down with and it’s also one of my favourite tracks. The music has something in common with Black Sabbath, which is a quite obvious touching point of this band. Luckily, Sheavy makes their own music and don’t try to copy the ultimate stoner/doom riffs that Black Sabbath used to play. This is nicely heard on the 6th track Phone Booth In The Middle Of Nowhere. The biography gives a nice description of the music. I quote: “Which comes off sounding like Kyuss meeting Motorhead whilst listening to Blizzard Of Oz, en route to a 1989 Trouble rehearsal.”
I really enjoyed listening to this band and after various searches I found more music of this band, which I gladly embraced and listened to in the late evening. This really is perfect music to calm down with and a big smoking plume coming up from your mouth. Hell yeah!
Sheavy - Republic?
85/1001Details Rise Above Records
Released on Sunday Nov 20th, 2005

Writer @Mat-Core on Tuesday Nov 29th, 2005

Tags: #Sheavy
Tracklisting 1: Spy Vs Spy
2: The Rook
3: Hangman
4: Standing At The Edge Of The World
5: Revenge of the Viper Three
6: A Phone Booth In The Middle Of Nowhere
7: The Man Who Never Was
8: Stingray part III
9: Moments Of Silence
10: Imitation Of Christ
11: Last Chance – GremlinX
Line up Vocals - Steve Hennessey
Guitar - Dan Moore
Bass - Keith Foley
Drums - Kevin Dominic