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L.O.S.T. - Last Breath
L.O.S.T.  is a Romanian band, formed in 2004 playing melodic metal with some other heavy influences now and than. The material I got presented to me was split into two different pieces. The first one, being a two-track promo is presented as a copy-cd, whereas the second one, the actual album, contains five songs. Might L.O.S.T. be a band that has a little bit for everyone?
Right from the start it’s clear that the band has put some real effort in the recordings of the MCD. The intro of the first song ‘Ziua ce Vine’ (which is also on the two-track promo, as well as ‘Last Breath’) is very impressive and would do very well live, I suppose. The guitar parts are quite slow but this could only be considered as an advantage. In this way, the chords are very powerful and the perfect timing of the guitar player gives the music this extra powerful dimension. The influence of the keyboards is not to be underestimated. The empty spaces that exist due to the guitar parts are well filled with mystical keyboards. 

Whether being a fan of these sounds or not, it sure is a fine way of composing songs.
As the music goes on, I get a little bit disappointed as the songs speed up. The guitar parts are suddenly very fast, as well as the drums and the vocals come in. My personal opinion is that the vocals do not exactly fit with the other music. The death metal vocals are brutal of course, but from another category than the precise music that surrounds the singer. Personally, I wouldn’t combine death metal vocals with melodic and mystical music.
The other songs are somehow structured the same way. I recognize a decent bunch of riffs, although I do think that the band is playing too many riffs in the same way. Therefore, it’s a good thing that this MCD lasts for only five songs. Otherwise, I think this one could bother me after a few tries.

So, L.O.S.T. did a fine job with a great production of their ‘Last Breath’. I do think that, for a big 12-song release, the band has to come up with more variation and maybe little softer vocals. But due to the fact that the instruments seem to fit very well to each other, I would consider L.O.S.T. as a band to keep an eye on.
L.O.S.T. - Last Breath
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Released on Friday Mar 4th, 2005
Melodic Metal

Writer @CarpeSiem on Saturday Dec 31st, 2005

Tags: #L.O.S.T.
Tracklisting Last Breath

1. Ziua ce Vine
2. Clipa
3. Last Breath
4. Dreams in Black
5. No more....


1. Ziua cd vine
2. Last Breath
Line up BB Hanneman - guitars, vocals (ex Adrenaline, Cronos, Abigail, Icon of Sin, Magma)
Vlad Busca - bass, vocals (ex Abigail, Tornado, Cronos)
Dragos Halmagi - keyb (ex Abigail)
George Angel Tudor - drums, vocals (ex Abigail, Dust)