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Kabang - Degeneration
Kabang, well, this is some kind of band name isn’t it? The band already exists for four years and ‘Degeneration’ is the second record so far. I’d like to emphasize the last two words ‘so far’. What you’re about to read is something I have never witnessed before in the music business, the distinction between the cd and the (live) capabilities of a band, which makes ‘Degeneration’ one of the hardest record to review ever.
Let’s make the distinction: On the one hand we have a strong and heavy rock band that reminds me somehow of Staind, Papa Roach and Foo Fighters. The band seems to understand how to create songs that are easy to listen to and as a result of that, the album contains almost everything you’d expect in this way. The opening song ‘Wasting Time’ reminds me of Stone Sour somehow, a very strong heavy song, but we also have the more melodic songs like ‘Sacrifice’ and (my favorite) ‘Break Away’ and off course the ballad ‘7 Reasons’. The guitars are very powerful, low and really guide the strong vocals. Finally, the order of the songs is very well chosen, and therefore the album could be seen as a whole, which helps to listen to it more than once.
On the other hand, the sound of the album is, in my opinion, just bad. Maybe that’s because the band hasn’t got a second guitar player, which results in an ‘empty’ sound. That’s a shame, because the melodies are most of the time pretty goodl. Then, the vocals vary in quality a lot. The strong parts are great but the singing just sucks sometimes. It doesn’t suit the melodies (listen to ‘What Will Tomorrow Bring’). Also, the lyrics are mostly too cliché, simplistic and uninspiring. I quote from ‘Sacrifice’: ‘I don’t know, I don’t care, I want to live my life. I don’t need, I don’t want; I’ve got a lot to learn.’ And so on… The thing is, it all comes together; because of the empty sound you hear the mistakes in the vocals and the lyrics seem to be written in half an hour.
I really got the feeling that the recording has been done in a short amount of time and that is a shame, because I can truly hear the potential in this record.
The comparison leads me to the conclusion that Kabang shows they’re able to come up with really good material, but unfortunately it didn’t work out this time. Therefore, the contradiction is too big. However, because of the potential of the guys, I’m absolutely convinced that they’re an amazing live band. Considering this, I think that with these songs in the pocket and enough gigs, Kabang should be able to overwhelm a lot of people in the music industry.
Kabang - Degeneration
60/1001Details Tribro Records
Released on Wednesday Feb 8th, 2006
Heavy Alternative Rock

Writer @CarpeSiem on Wednesday Feb 8th, 2006

Tags: #Kabang
Tracklisting 1. Wasting Time
2. Bleed These Tears
3. The Solitude
4. What Now
5. Another Day
6. Sacrifice
7. Break Away
8. What Will Tomorrow Bring
9. Waiting For The Red Light
10. 7 Reasons
Line up Rob Dexter: Vocals
Steve Bell: Guitars
Rich Schiavio: Bass
Tommy Lou: Drums