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Against Nature - Appease
Against Nature, I have no idea what that name comes from; I looked for it, but couldn’t find it. In my opinion it’s somehow self-determination but that’s just me. The band started in 1993 under the name of ‘Revelation’ and after a break; they were called Against Nature in 2004. Now, their second album has been released.
The music is described as ‘heavy rock’. Well, let me tell you, this is not heavy rock. I think doom would be a better description, although I think the songs are a little bit too soft for that. The sound is comparable to Black Sabbath in their early years, but slower and the guitar riffs are lower. Remember I said that it’s all played very slow, (I counted somehow 60 bpm) with a lot of typical doom riffs. This is important for the band because it already determined a lot of the implementation of the band's capabilities. 

Yet, the band has a sound of its own. This is mostly because of the vocals, which are not very common in metal these days, and maybe Ozzy Osbourne (current days) comes closest. The lyrics are pretty strange in my opinion: ‘Tell me what you know, how you know, who you know, what you know, who you know, doubt not Thomas.’ That could be interesting though, but unfortunately the singing isn't great, well it’s not singing. It’s more some kind of creepy talking as an advocate of the devil. 

Then the songs, well, I can’t be positive about them either. I get the feeling that it is all too much based on John Brenner. He’s the vocalist and guitar player. While he’s not singing the music is quite ok and faster with some interesting guitar solo’s, but, except for the fastest song ‘Bolt’, the music is very basic and I found that even annoying. The guitar riffs are quite ok, but nothing special; the bass guitar is not distinguishing from the guitar and is only noticeable during the solos. And the drums, well doom may be technically hard to drum, but this is also just pretty basic and therefore I was pretty fast done with this cd.

Maybe a second guitar player would do amazing things for Against Nature. In my opinion it could create a lot more space for the other musicians by giving the music another dimension. With this material……I can understand why the band hasn’t come up with many live shows. So if you’re a real die-hard fan of doom, this record could give another dimension to your cd collection. Otherwise I’d just say buy one of those albums from Cathedral you don’t have yet. I’m sorry but the result is that I’m against Against Nature, which makes me eventually pro-nature. Phoew, a positive thing at last.
Against Nature - Appease
33/1001Details BlandHandRecords
Released on Friday Sep 9th, 2005
Heavy Rock/Doom

Writer @CarpeSiem on Saturday Feb 11th, 2006

Tags: #Against Nature
Tracklisting 1. Alogos
2. Neihborhood 8
3. Appease
4. Bolt
5. A Priori
6. Bland Hand Society
7. Organon
8. Outlet
9. Ensurpate
10. Before the Before
11. After the After
Line up John Brenner: guitar, vocals
Steve Branagan: drums
Bert Hall Jr: bass