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I-DEF-I - Bloodlust Casualty
I-DEF-I, weird band name. I tried to look for its meaning bit unfortunately I couldn’t find it. Well, then I’ll give you one. I-DEF-I, what does that look like? Hint: put an ‘x’ behind it and you’ll get one of the most famous dogs ever. And what do dogs have? X-actly, Balls. What do they do? Bite! But well, what does having balls mean then? The band answers this by describing their music as ‘Cacophonic Metallic Maelstrom’.
Ok, I’ll stop.
Whatever the meaning behind it may be, I already love it. My god, oh my god, how I love this!! These four guys can make music with just a guitar, bass, drums and vocals that is sometimes complex like Meshuggah, melodious but dark as Incubus in their early years, whereas the amount of noise with just these instruments is comparable to Mudvayne. Great heavy nu-metal riffs, fast and tough that make you immediately take this angry face with your chin and nose coming together. Right from the start you already have the feeling that you just should listen to it.
Then the vocals; it’s been a very long time since I’ve heard a new band combining clean and screaming (backing) vocals in such a good way. Whereas I almost always get the feeling that the clean vocals try to force something, that they’re included just because it’s ‘hip’ to vary the vocals, this singer is very aware of his capabilities, uses them maximally without overreacting, just like Chad Grey. A little bit of a shame are the vocals on the chorus of ‘The Hour Glass Turns’ and the end on ‘Sorrow Reigns this Day’, but that’s all.
I also would like to mention the songs as a whole, since there is so much differentiation in it. The guitar player uses very different sounds that give the songs different dimensions, like the weird part on ‘The Hour Glass Turns’. Besides that, the structure of the songs and the production are great and the band likes to play with different rhythms, all in a blasting way, without getting bored at all. And, as if that wasn’t enough, the band knows how to make music without making music, using silences and slowdowns.
This is a great six-track album, with a full-length record coming up for sure’. And if that album contains the same quality as these six songs, we’re going to hear a lot more from the angry dog. Come back here!! Come back you!
I-DEF-I - Bloodlust Casualty
82/1001Details Casket Music
Released on Monday Feb 20th, 2006
Cacophonic Metallic Maelstrom

Writer @CarpeSiem on Tuesday Feb 14th, 2006

Tags: #I-DEF-I
Tracklisting 1. Devil in the Vein
2. The Hour Glass Turns
3. Bloodlust Casualty
4. Sorrow Reigns this Day
5. The Last Element of Doubt
6. Red Light on the Murder
Line up Chris Maher: vocals
Tom Clements: guitar
Mel Stuart: drums
Kev Gaffney: bass