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Silent Secrets - Turn to Stone
Silent Secrets sure deserves all the credits for their effort in making music. The band from Ruben ‘The Crow’ had to put a lot of effort in completing the melodic heavy metal  band before this demo was actually released, was almost forced to quit for a while and Ruben was robbed just recently, lying left behind on the rail track with two broken wrists. 

Well, the songs are easy to describe. Imagine a band with two heavy guitar players, a keyboard, drums and bass, think of some logical song structure and there you have Silent Secrets. And there’s nothing wrong with that. The heavy music has a very strong melody component and is maybe even close a gothic style, if it wasn’t for the men vocals to deny that. The ‘Crow’ obviously loves to put a lot of different structure into his songs, varying from heavy fast parts to slow ones with the accent on the mystical and calm melodies. Therefore the line-up is pretty logical, with two guitarists and a keyboard player. The songs contain, as mentioned before a lot of melody, with the guiding guitars having the distortion button totally open. However, it’s not the guitars that make the sound of the band, that’s the keyboard’s job. The mystical chords that are being used help the guitars to come up with solo’s and give the music this typical ‘positive’ vibe, that I would have missed when put out. Actually the biggest plus goes out to the lyrics which speak of a good view towards making music. Give it a look.

As a whole, the songs are a little bit chaotic, the sound of the guitars is sometimes pretty bad and the two different loops in the songs don’t sound that nice all the time. Another thing is that the band chooses for quite typical and maybe even cliché melodies that are not that hard to play. The guitar solo’s seem to fill the gap of the small range of the singer (who’s performing this typical scream) most of the time, which results in the fact that I’ve had enough of it after two times listening to the cd.

On the website, there are two songs available called ‘Turn to Stone’ and ‘Gorgonized Demonized’ and I’d reckon every fan of dark mythical metal to give it a look; you could well be served. Furthermore, I’d advice to wait for Silent Secret’s next work with hopefully a little more time to complete their sound. I think that’s the least they deserve.
Silent Secrets - Turn to Stone
63/1001Details Self-recorded
Released on Saturday May 28th, 2005

Writer @CarpeSiem on Thursday Feb 16th, 2006

Tags: #Silent Secrets
Tracklisting 01. Intro
02. Gorgo Medusa
03. Sacreligion
04. Gorgonized Demonized
05. Athena\'s Request
06. Lake Tritonis (instrumental)
07. Decapitation
08. Pegasus an Chrysaor
09. Turn to Stone
Line up Ruben aka Crow - guitars
Greet aka Poison Ivy - keyboards
Lode aka Acid - guitars
Noci - vocals
Laurent aka Redemptor- bass
Tom - drums