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Code of Perfection - Last Exit for the Lost
Code of Perfection is one (of those) bands that saw the first rays of daylight due to the fact that a group of musicians found each other after breaking up with previous bands. In this case, the musicians already had a lot of experience, which results in high expectations about this first release. Well, at least I have ‘m.
Files formatting….iTunes….import all…transfer to iPod. Shit, I forget my sandwiches. Come on, hurry, I have to get my buss. I rip the chord out of my computer, grab my headphones and run towards the bus, which I enter completely sweaty. In this setting, my first experience with Code of Perfection starts. Play all.
Right from the first song it becomes clear that the score it totally depends on whether you like this music or not. It’s melodious rock with a lot of variation in speed. Whereas the third song ‘Miracle Times’ is quite heavy with a great metal riff and strong vocals, the fifth song ‘Hearts in Atlantis’ is a slow one with a very important role for the guitar lines, which could easily be used in a movie or at the end, when the credits pass by. It’s important to say that a lot of songs do not include vocals, which emphasizes my point about using your imagination. The more you are open for that, the more you will like this album.
Speaking in terms of musical creativity, this album has a lot to offer. Whether you want glorious melodies, heavy riffs or even Spanish guitars, Code of Perfection is here to serve you. This all is well shaken in a recognizable progressive rock sound, from the beginning till the very end. Because the production is well done, listening to this album is easy as pie.
Although I’ve been nothing but positive, the thing is that it just doesn’t overwhelm me. After a few times of listening to the entire album, there are very few parts I can remember. That is partly because of the complexity of the songs, but I also think that’s the result of the fact that the band seems to be varying a little bit too much, and the music does not speak strongly enough for itself. When also taking the too smoothly attitude towards the whole and specifically the overtaken epical ending into consideration, I’d say this one would be only interesting for the ones that love to dig into music really deep and see a band that does a lot of different things. 
‘Your iPod has run out of battery’ That also says something.     
Code of Perfection - Last Exit for the Lost
70/1001Details Limb Music
Released on Tuesday Mar 14th, 2006
Melodic Virtuasity Metal

Writer @CarpeSiem on Sunday Feb 19th, 2006

Tags: #Code of Perfection
Tracklisting 1.Last exit for the lost
2.Flyin\' high
3.Miracle times
4.Polka beast stampede
5.Hearts in Atlantis
6.Walkin on thin ice
7.Evil: Fex
8.Psychotic nightmare
10.Underneath a blue kiss
11.Shred it
Line up Thorsten Koehne – guitars, bass
Keisuke Nishimoto – bass
Frank Kraus – drums