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Human Factor - Unleashed
Human Factor is a band from Chili, founded in 2002. After a search for a full line-up by Guillermo Olivares and drummer Rodrigo Espinoza, who had split up from their former band called Witchblade, the band was completed and rehearsal sessions could begin. It’s already quite something for a band from Chili to make it to Europe, so there most be a lot to discover.
Wiehaa!! Yes, yeas, woehoee! Finally a band that does not like to take bullshit into consideration, but rather plays hell-alike music. The cd begins with a very fast drum solo, followed by heavy guitar riffs. It reminds me of the early days of Iron Maiden and Rainbow but with stronger and higher vocals, almost like in power metal. However, I wouldn’t call this music power metal, since the real mystical and mysterious music is not present as well as a keyboard. Instead, the two guitars rather use strong heavy riffs instead of chord after chord and combine that with several amazing solos.
Pure, that is the way I’d like to describe the music of this band. There are no samples, like I mentioned before, but the technical music gives the band so much melody that that can be considered as a strong thing. As a result, we get an album that I think would very well please a lot of hardrockers that are looking for some nostalgic moments.
As the cd continues, I notice some kind of disappointment. The songs are still incredible but the real enthusiasm I had in the beginning has disappeared and changed into nice background music. It’s a little bit of the same and the real strong choruses that you want to sing a long with, with this kind of music stay away. Maybe that’s because of the too many solos (that are incredible by the way) that make the band flooding between instrumentality and song writing.
Still, the cd tastes like hell and I would reckon every heavy/power metal fan to listen to it at least once, as if it was just because of the vocals and guitar solos.
Human Factor - Unleashed
75/1001Details Mausoleum Records
Released on Friday Feb 17th, 2006
Heavy Metal

Writer @CarpeSiem on Wednesday Feb 22nd, 2006

Tags: #Human Factor
Tracklisting 01. Sky Warning
02. Inside Hell
03. Human Factor
04. We are More
05. Fire
06. Be The Hero
07. Living In Darkness
08. Time Traveller I
09. Time Traveller II
10. See The Light
11. Faster
Line up Christi�n Rozas: bass,
Dan Elbelman: vocals,
Rodrigo Espinoza: drums,
Guillermo Olivares: guitar
Soledad Gen�a: guitars