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My Darkest Hate - Combat Area
My Darkest Hate is a band that was formed after a six year long struggle for the personal sound from Jörg M. Knittel. Six years with the result of their first demo cd in 1998.
Now I’ve read a description about how to make perfect death metal as a band. Here’s what you have to do: let the guitar player cut of the four highest strings and just use the lowest two ones, preferably tuned into D or B and make riffs with repetitive loops while using only the first half of the neck. The drums must play the same rhythm in double bass, the bass follows the guitar and the singer has to use only two different notes, low grunts (way more often) and high screams. After that, it’s time to write your songs and perform on stage.
And there you have My Darkest Hate, although the sound is pretty good and I can not notice any possibilities of improvement, the cd just goes on and on as if it was just one song with ten different verses. The variation in rhythm is very limited, and I could imagine people mentioning this band as a reason why they dislike death metal, because it has all the typical characteristics that can make heavy music sounding uninspiring. Also, if this type of music is your thing, you probably have some other bands that are stronger.
From the sixth song, it changes a little and the band uses higher guitar riffs than before. Unfortunately in ‘Number Seven’ there is still nothing that I am not familiar with. The seventh song then ‘Fall of Eden’ is a real positive thing. The band varies in rhythm, speed and song structure that I am almost starting to get angry they haven’t put this formula on the entire cd. Guys, can’t you hear that this material is so much better than the rest.
Let’s not conclude with the regular ‘I hear the potential but unfortunately it didn’t came out’ but instead suggest that My Darkest Hate should knock their heads into walls wondering why they weren’t able to come up with a record that represented their capabilities better. Or maybe they just can’t?
My Darkest Hate - Combat Area
45/1001Details Massacre Records
Released on Friday Mar 24th, 2006
Death Metal

Writer @CarpeSiem on Saturday Feb 25th, 2006

Tags: #My Darkest Hate
Tracklisting 1. Enter Combat
2. When Smoke has Settled
3. Bow Before Me
4. Nothing Last Forever
5. They Shall Fall
6. Number Seven
7. Fall of Eden
8. Under My Wing
9. The Principle of War
10. Under one Flag
Line up Chris Simper - Vocals
J.M. Knittel - Guitar
Oliver Grosshans - Guitar
Klaus Sperling - Drums
Oliver Schort - Bass