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Remembering Never - God Save Us
Remembering Never once started as a joke band. But as time passed by, the joke became a little more serious, resulting into the first MCD. Then Ferret Music signed them and now they have made their third record after ‘Woman and Children Die First’ and ‘She looks so good in Red’. Since they have been on tour with bands like Every Time I Die and My Chemical Romance, I expect them at least to know what they are talking about.
Hardcore, hardcore, hardcore. There is no doubt about that. No nonsense, no real melodic influences, no clean singing, just the anger (except for the final part of ‘Running Up In A Shit-Eating Contest'). ‘Con Artist’ says it all actually. The first two seconds are filled with a guy scraping his throat but those are the only ‘peaceful’ moments of the record. After that, hell is awaiting with perfect songs to build a circle pit with, some easy breakdowns and a continuously angry but monotone screaming singer.
I understand why some famous hardcore bands have taken these guys out on their tour for several reasons. Most important is that Remembering Never is a true dedicator to hardcore and their music represents the scene totally. It’s always nice to have an opening act that is easy to listen to without being that complex. But in the end, the bands that become the headliner are the ones that have created their own thing. This band does the same of everything too much and therefore it gets boring after the sixth song. There is no real riff that sticks into my mind and the very few changes in the music, like the last song with a little clean singing is just a bad experiment.
Remembering Never should therefore stick to their own formula and use their six strongest songs to perform live like ‘Suicide Hotline on Speed Dial’, but must accept that with this material, they’ll never become a distinctive band in the scene, not even with these kind of song titles.
Remembering Never - God Save Us
62/1001Details Ferret Records
Released on Monday Feb 27th, 2006

Writer @CarpeSiem on Monday Feb 27th, 2006

Tags: #Remembering Never
Tracklisting 1. Con Artist
2. Pocket Full of Dirt
3. Slaughterhouse Blues
4. Little Hitlers
5. The Goddman Busy Signal
6. Suicide Hotline on Speed Dial
7. White Devil
8. T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E.
9. Judas Will Swing
10. Please Don\'t Let My Mother Read This
11. Selma
12. Runner Up In A Shit-Eating Contest
13. Gangsta Rap&Peppermint Schnapps
14. Off Key And Outta Line
Line up Peter Kowalsky: vocals
Grease Leonard: guitar
Norm Dave Murray: guitar
Aldo: bass
Danny Burger: drums