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Malice in Wonderland - Malice in Wonderland
If there would be one new act you could describe as ‘either you hate or love ‘m’ it sure is Malice in Wonderland. A lot of people would immediately think of a band like HIM, but according to their own description of themselves (glamour rock &roll, without following trends and influenced by 80s) I’d say it is only fair to check out their cd and listen to it.
After my first sigh, which was caused by the fact that the band does not take itself so seriously, the cd starts with ‘Lucifer’s Town’. And to be honest, it ain’t that bad. If you like poppy songs with simple chords and song structures, overdone lyrics that talk about ‘my heart belongs to you’ and ‘heavy rock songs’ you know from bands like Live combined with ballads this is your band.
I mean, I look towards this cd through the eyes of a music fan and I wonder if there’s something original, something touching and if the musicians have tried to come up with a kind song writing that make me want to hear the record for more than a few times. Considering this, I can only conclude that this record is something I would rather not turn on. And that’s not because it’s not heavy enough, but simply because the music isn’t really inspiring, refreshing and new but instead something you can predict. Just take regular song schemes (the A-B-A-B-C story) and this band takes it all. A song like ‘In the End’ really exists of just a small range of two-note-piano-chords and some crappy samples in it and a broken-hearted singer, that’s all! How can we give a positive score for that?

Then the somehow faster songs, like ‘Heartache Boulevard’. It starts pretty nice, and for a little moment I’m hoping for a good punk song, but of course I get disappointed. The vocals keep repeating the same vocal lines we’ve heard a dozen times before and it keeps on going on and on. Positive thing, the guitar player can play a solo.

Well, I’ve tried to come with a fair review of a cd that sure is something different within the world of heavy metal, but I hope that you understand my point. Maybe little 12-year olds will be overwhelmed by Malice in Wonderland but not me. So, as a result, the points will go for the good production, the guitar solo and the commercial foresight.  
Malice in Wonderland - Malice in Wonderland
25/1001Details Karisma Records
Released on Monday Jun 27th, 2005
Goth Rock

Writer @CarpeSiem on Thursday Mar 2nd, 2006

Tags: #Malice in Wonderland
Tracklisting 01. Lucifer\'s Town
02. Devil Dance
03. My Heart (Belongs To You)
04. Perfect Drug
05. In The End
06. Heartache Boulevard
07. Red Rose Suicide
08. Dancing With You
09. Nightclub, Sin&Decadence
10. I Love To Sin
Line up Chri$ Wicked: Vocals
Andy Valentine: Bass
Tracy Loveless: Guitars
Tommi Gun: Drums