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Evergrey - Monday Morning Apocalypse
There are a few moments in a year to look forward to. Some of us will obviously name the previous Olympics or the upcoming World Cup. For me, the next album release by Evergrey was one to keep an eye on, not only because I just recently saw them live but also because their previous album ‘The Inner Circle’ was just amazing and songs like ‘Blinded’ and ‘Touch of Blessing’ have been repeating my iPod ever since I bought it.
The last news that really stocked into my mind about Evergrey was the fact that they felt liking making heavier music than they’ve done before. I personally consider their heaviest work ‘Recreation Day’ as one of their strongest (together with ‘The Inner Circle) so with taking a little step backwards, I turned this cd on.
The first notes from ‘Monday Morning Apocalypse’ (first single) say it all, they have done as promised. The guitar riffs are really fast and do not contain this stunning on the same few notes as I’m used to. And Tom Englund shows how he can make singing look so easy. Again, the vocals are catchy and the verses are sure to be sung along during the upcoming shows.
The rest of the cd is very, very much varying. The songs with catchy choruses (like ‘Lost’) are followed by darker songs. (like ‘Still in the Water) And, because Evergrey does not feel harmed to reveal an emotional and tensional part, there are also a lot of instrumental parts (like ‘Till Dagmar’ which is only played by the keyboards) All this variation may seem to be an absolute success and I’m sure that a lot of fans will be satisfied with the new material.
This new material is described the best at the end of the record. It also contains the best songs. After the first half where we got material we’re already pretty familiar with, the band has saved the best for last, with ‘The Dark I Walk You Through’ and ‘I should’. Two killer songs that could do really well at the end of the live shows. It makes the record a complete one, with all kinds of different musical influences.
Maybe all these different styles are a little bit too much at first sight and I think that you will have to listen to the songs a few times in order to make up your mind about this record. But then again, I believe that whoever buys this album, is a prog fan; (or someone who’s connecting their bridge between mainstream and non-mainstream) well, and then this could well be one of your favorites this year. Write it down for you year-list; ‘Evergrey-Monday Morning Apocalypse’ 27th of March.
Evergrey - Monday Morning Apocalypse
85/1001Details Inside Out Music
Released on Monday Mar 27th, 2006

Writer @CarpeSiem on Sunday Mar 5th, 2006

Tags: #Evergrey
Tracklisting 1. Monday Morning Apocalypse
2. Unspeakable
3. Lost
4. Obedience
5. The Curtain Fall
6. In Remembrance
7. At Loss For Words
8. Till Dagmar
9. Still In the Water
10. The Dark I Walk You Through
11. I Should
12. Closure
Line up Tom S. Englund: guitar & vocals
Henrik Danhage: guitar
Michael H�kansson: bass
Rikard Zander: keyboards
Jonas Ekdahl: drums