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Vanden Plas - Christ 0
Vanden Plas is making a bridge between instrumental progressive and heavy songwriting metal since 1986, only two years after I was born. If we consider all their unique releases, including special editions, re-releases and side-projects, the band has a total of 34 products (four records, an acoustic EP and a live album, the rest is ‘extra’) lying in record stores all over the world. Please allow me to explain whether you should get their 35th (which is 2,86% to be precise)
After listening to the record for a few times, one thing is certain; if Hollywood would ever use a heavy metal band into one of their cash-making movies, it would be Vanden Plas. The band is able to be dramatic as no one with a record that is full of both positive and negative emotions. A song like ‘Fireroses Dance’ says it all; a melodramatic song being almost a ballad, pictures a sad person wondering around with the guitar and vocals interacting and explaining the story (actually, the concept of the album is based on “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas)

The strongest point of this band is the fact that is can combine heavy metal and quietness without being ignorant. Although the separate parts are totally different, the changes between them do not even get your attention when listening to the album. As a result of this, the capabilities in terms of songwriting are being revealed and I can only conclude that it is amazing. Add up the capabilities of all the musicians (see me kissing my hands and rising them up in the air afterwards) with great vocal lines, sneaky but useful keyboards (hmm, haven’t seen that not that much) and a great technical band and yes, we have a masterpiece. 

For those who are looking for a technical melodic band, I’d suggest you leave this record on its spot, because I noticed I was able to predict some of the loops from the guitar solos, even while paying little attention to it. The music is not always that original and different from what we’re used to. But hey; who cares if you could listen to the strong opener ‘Christo’, a high-level performance in the name of ‘Wish You were here’ or the everlasting ‘January sun’?
Not me.
Vanden Plas - Christ 0
88/1001Details Inside Out Music
Released on Friday Mar 31st, 2006
Progressive Metal

Writer @CarpeSiem on Tuesday Mar 7th, 2006

Tags: #Vanden Plas
Tracklisting 1. Christo
2. Postcard to God
3. Wish You Were Here
4. Silently
5. Shadow I Am
6. Fireroses Dance
7. Somewhere Alone in the Dark
8. January Sun
9. Lost in Silence
10. Gethsemane
Line up Stephan Lill: guitar
Torsten Reichert: bass
Andreas Lill: drums
Andy Kuntz: vocals
G´┐Żnter Werno: keyboards