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Hundred Reasons - _kill_your_own
I’ve been struggling a lot lately. It may sound stupid but the case is that I want my ‘most played’ song on my iPod to be a very special one. Until now, ‘Hate and Whiskey’ by Nashville Pussy and ‘Declaration’ by Trivium were in a constant battle for the top. And then ‘Breath Again’ by Hundred Reasons started to circulate on my play list entering the most beloved 25 songs within no time.
The first time I got in contact with this band was as a supporting act for Incubus in Rotterdam. Although my experience with opening acts in Ahoy is pretty good, I had no real expectations; I just wanted to see the main act. But although the band I’d paid for was amazing, I still kept a very nice memory of Hundred Reasons and how pleased was I to receive the copy of this record ‘_kill_your_own’ just last week, still remembering the missed opportunity from the Lowlands festival last year by not booking them.

The cd starts with an electronic, almost psycho, introduction with a popular rock tune following. And right after the start I realize I’ve got another masterpiece in my hands. Hundred Reasons may sound like one of those ‘high-school bands’ that has songs of them in teen movies like American Pie on the background, but it offers so much more. The sense for melodies is incredible and the feeling I get when listening to this record is that my world isn’t that bad as some people would suggest sometimes. A very important factor in this are the vocals. I have never heard a cliché sentence like ‘Take what you want from me’ in such an interesting way like on the opening track. The vocal lines are looking so easy but I doubt whether someone else would come up with them when listening to the same kind of music.

The music, that at first sight looks so simple, is just complete and the band shows with different songs like ‘Kill Your Own’, the hit-sensitive ‘Destroy’ and the incredible ‘Breathe Again’ that they’re able to make songs in different perspectives. As I said, the typical rock sound is clear to hear and combinations with clean guitars are coming out pretty nice. Therefore, the only real complaint I can come up with is that the winky eyes towards hit parades are too obvious in a way that it will bother some more alternative based people. Yet, the depth that has been put into the songs is impressive and there are a lot of nice sounds to explore while taking a second, third and even more tries.

So, the critical ones have a point. But to me, this record is a real addition when walking through the park on a sunny day, when making love to your beloved, sweetest and most beautiful girlfriend, when having a party at your parents house during a weekend alone or just when lying in bed and thinking about your personal life. And so on; in all cases, it will be a positive addition to your circumstances and then there are more than hundred reasons to listen to this record, especially when there’s this everlasting, epical and so very intense song on it in the form of ‘Breath Again’. This is the kind of song you want to hear when you are in love, when coming home from an incredible party. The song is just great and the way Hundred Reasons is able to last it a little longer by creating a long bridge takes you in that very warm, happy and amazing feeling. You know what? I’ll turn it on another time, and another and another until it has reached my personal upper level.
Hundred Reasons - _kill_your_own
83/1001Details V2 Records
Released on Monday Mar 20th, 2006

Writer @CarpeSiem on Wednesday Mar 15th, 2006

Tags: #Hundred Reasons
Tracklisting 1. Broken Hands
2. Kill Your Own
3. Destroy
4. The Chance
5. The Perfect Gift
6. Live Fast, Die Ugly
7. Feed The Fire
8. This Mess
9. A Better Way?
10. No Pretending
11. Breathe Again
Line up Colin Doran: vocals
Larry Hibbitt: guitar
Paul Townsend: guitar
Andy Guilmore: bass
Andy Dews: drums