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Aborym - Generator
Aborym is the duke of hell, a strong demon that rules over 26 legions of demons. He torches cities and castles. Mostly he is depicted as a man with 3 heads, one of a serpent, one of a man and one of a cat. So I think I informed you enough about the name, and I think you can imagine what kind of metal Aborym plays.
Aborym was founded in 1992 and ‘Generator’ is the 9th release of this industrial black metal band. Some known artists play or have played in Aborym, like Faust (Emperor, Scum) and Atilla (Mayhem).

The cd starts with a threatening intro, called ‘Armageddon’ and then hell breaks loose and the mighty deamon unleashes all the demons upon the earth. Then the song ‘Disgust Rage (Sic Transit Gloria Mundi)’ .This song is very atmospherically, it has lots of tempo-changes. A great song, but then I remembered that I’ve known Aborym  as an industrial blackmetal band. But in this song I actually didn’t hear anything industrial. But I don’t give a shit, the song is awesome. The usage of choirs really gives it an extra threatening touch.
The next song ‘A dog-eat-dog world’ is even more threatening. Most of the time it is midtempo. The vocals really give you the feeling you are hunted by a demon, very cold.
‘Ruiurama Kolossal S. P. Q. R. (Satanic Pollution - Aliphotic Rage)’, damn I love that song. It begins with a nice blast part with some nice choirs. It has loads of energy, with a little death metal touch….and yes, there were some industrial influences. But after 20 minutes I still cannot call this industrial black metal. It seems like they took another turn to reach eternal suffering. But I’m sure no one will complain.

With the song ‘Generator’ Aborym treats us on more blasting black metal.
The evil duke of hell even treats us on a nice thrash-riff in the next song ‘Suffer Catalyst’. Titty fuckin’ christ, what a great song. This songs really has all the best parts metal has to offer. The already named thrash riff, raw black metal, a nice acoustic part with a nice sample, deathmetal pumping riffs. Awsome!

After a while some more industrial parts come along. First I thought they wanted to try something different, but I was wrong. Mostly I don’t like bands that use different kinds of metal on one album, but what Aborym does on ‘Gernerator’ is great. The mix of the atmospherically parts with the choirs and stuff and the electronic spacy parts is well done.
The production is great as well, cold and clear. So if you are ready to join the army of darkness to destroy mankind, ‘Generator’ will guide you.
Aborym - Generator
90/1001Details Season of mist
Released on Monday Feb 20th, 2006

Writer @Arcane on Thursday Mar 16th, 2006

Tags: #Aborym
Tracklisting 01. Armageddon
02. Disgust and Rage (Sic Transit Gloria Mundi)
03. A Dog-Eat-Dog World
04. Ruiurama Kolossal S. P. Q. R. (Satanic Pollution - Aliphotic Rage)
05. Generator
06. Suffer Catalyst
07. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
08. Man Bites God
09. I Reject! (Aborym Maninfesto)
Line up Malfeitor Fabban - bass guitrr, synths and vocals
Bard G. Eithun Faust - drums
Prime Evil - vocals
Nysrok - guitars and synths