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The Smashup - Being and Becoming
Have you ever wished that a few bands would combine some of their stronger points together in order to complete each other? Well, I did. Sometimes a band has an amazing guitar player or singer who really leads the band. And sometimes a band comes up with an album that is half empty, where half of the songs make the record better or the other half weakens the album. That’s a matter of opinion.
The Smashup is such a band and ‘Being and Becoming’ is such an album. The first three songs sound really promising and cool. In this way, we see a band that cannot be described as a ‘typical punk band’. By this I mean the continuous slamming on easy power chords with the quasi-high vocals. These songs have other, more varying structures without loosing the capability of spreading a fast and positive feeling. Especially the second song ‘No Name’ (Ok, shut up, the dead guy has got the floor. I might just get emotional so bear with me) shows how The Smashup is able to make beautiful rock songs that seem easy to hear. Please pay attention to the impressive emotions that the singer is able to use in this way. After the third song ‘The Beating’, which is more powerful than the other two, I was surprised by the quality and took an even better seat for the upcoming songs.

But then, when ‘Violencer pt II’ starts, all the great originality seems to have disappeared as if the inspiration got away all of a sudden. The emotion in the vocal lines is gone, the songs have no real unique identity anymore and it all gets a little predictable. The band even tries to make some ballads like ‘Dreams’ which is a pretty boring slow song. And to make it one of the biggest contradictions in the last few months, the lyrics are so uninspiring. (You’re so beautiful, please don’t take me away from this place, just leave me hear in my dreams. Everything’s perfect, I don’t wanna wake up I just want to wanna lie here with you in this bed) Ok, I’ll admit that this will obviously touch some 14 year olds who have been putting aside, broken hearted and crying on their bed while squeezing their oversized teddy bears, but not me. Even a more heavy song like ‘Rachel’s Day’ doesn’t have the overwhelming effect like the first three songs anymore.

So, what’s up for The Smashup? To be honest: I don’t know. Maybe they’ve used different line-ups during the recording sessions and right now they’re very strong (or the opposite off course) Or maybe this is just a band that had some really cool ideas and got stuck while feeling the pressure of a release on their shoulders.
I think I’ll stay with the second option. That’s no shame of course, because a lot of bands are still cashing a lot of money due to some dumb mega hit (do I hear someone say Nickelback?) without having a lot more to offer. Maybe that will do?
The Smashup - Being and Becoming
62/1001Details Earshot Media
Released on Tuesday Oct 11th, 2005
Punk Rock

Writer @CarpeSiem on Thursday Mar 16th, 2006

Tags: #The Smashup
Tracklisting 1. Never Going To Kill Us
2. No Name
3. The Beating of Your Life
4. Violencer Part II
5. They Were There
6. Dreams
7. House Aflame
8. Effigy
9. Rachel\'s Day
10. Murder to the Mattress
Line up Watt Wite: vocals
Vin Alfieri: guitar, vocals
Rich Liegey: bass, vocals
Ant Cee: drums