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Imbrue - Cadu Dato Verbs
Sometimes you don’t know that much about a band, but because of some little idea or impression, you think you should give their record a chance. For me, the album cover of Imbrue’s Cadu Dato Verbs’ was the reason to put the 9-track death metal album on my iPod, although I didn’t have any idea what to expect.
OK, first disappointment: the promo only had this black ‘n white cover with the band name on it, so I wasn’t in possession of the fine work of art. But that wasn’t the only disappointment for me. When the first (of course, way more brutal than I’m familiar with, yet still very powerful) song starts to play after a little intro where some weird guy speaks dark from out of his cellar and a girl screams the music seems a little chaotic. The intro is mixed very bad with the actual first song and the rest of the production is bad too. When a guitar solo sets in and plays for a while, all of a sudden there’s an empty space of two seconds before the drum solo kicks in. This empty spaces phenomenon is being revealed more than once on the album which makes listening to the entire disk pretty annoying. A real shame.
Of course there are other songs on the record that deserve to be analyzed, but still it’s all a bit one-dimensional to me. For instance, the crappy intro on ‘Pleasure of Pain’ followed by the cliché guitar riffs. Sum up the crappy, woodpecker drum sound and we’ve got an album that is not that interesting an certainly is no real significant addition to this genre. Maybe the sound of fear in the form of screaming girls, perhaps running away for knife-clashing sounds of a strange man coming will do the trick for you, but then again, the way in which they’re produced and mixed into the songs is really bad.
My final thought is that Imbrue did come up with a very brutal disc that will sure make some real fans interested, but the band failed to create a piece of work that is good to listen to without feeling disturbed. Even the efforts that have been put into the album to give a unique dimension to the music fail to be really convincing. It’s a little piece of a mess; or like my former history teacher would say ‘A Ratjetoe’.
Imbrue - Cadu Dato Verbs
35/1001Details Necromance Records
Released on Sunday Mar 19th, 2006
Death Metal

Writer @CarpeSiem on Sunday Mar 19th, 2006

Tags: #Imbrue
Tracklisting 1. Exitus
2. Red blood colour
3. Traumatos ek pronoias
4. Behind the flight of Locus
5. Nothingness is her smile
6. Those calm moments before the storm
7. Inherent
8. The pleasure of pain
9. Given to the worms
Line up Candi: vocals
Rodi: guitar
Jovi: guitar
Oscar: bass
Reolid: drums